What You'll Need To Play Dragon Age On PC

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#101 Posted by Ulong (486 posts) -
@endaround said:
" @Ulong said:
" My computer is this:    Windows XPPentium 4 cpu, 3,60ghz 1gb ram Radeon X800 XT   I barely meet the minimum system requirements, except my graphics card is a bit too old. (minimum says it wants a X850). I intend to play on the lowest possible graphics settings possible, but, will the fact that my graphics is an x800 instead of an x850 make the game unplayable, or can I squeeze by as is? I really want to play this on the pc and bring back memories of old Bauldur's gate 2 playthroughs. "
You're biggest issue is likely the RAM and not the GPU. "
So If I upgraded my Ram and maybe even the graphics card, the Processor is fine right? I see it meets the reccomended ghz, but I don't know if there's anything else more to it that might be out of date or something.
#102 Posted by Undeadpool (5536 posts) -

Glad I just got a terabyte external! That'll free up some space. Also my specs are basically the recommended...so bully for me, I guess. My comp's about a year and a half old.

#103 Posted by endaround (2260 posts) -
@Ulong: Did you try the creator?
#104 Posted by Ulong (486 posts) -
@endaround said:
" @Ulong: Did you try the creator? "
I did try the creator. For what it's worth, the creator ran perfectly with no hiccups on whatever the default graphical settings were( I didn't check/ try to change them)
That won't mean alot compared to running the full game will it?
#105 Posted by Time_Lord (793 posts) -

Sweet but 20GB that's going to take aegis to download of steam.

#106 Posted by endaround (2260 posts) -
@Ulong: Not too much but it does mean your GPU is at least supported.  Some are getting "Video card not supported" messages.  I think you have a chance.  If you can up your RAM (which makes everything better) and go from there.  It depends how much you want to spend to play one game on a computer that is getting to the end (esp with Windows 7 meaning XP support will start to fall off at some point).  The RAM would likely be worth it no matter what its whether you want to drop another $50-$100 on a GPU.
#107 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

Quad core for recommended? Great, that usually means if you don't have it, there is a chance it might be choppy.

#108 Posted by zyn (2765 posts) -

My PC just about meets the specs (I always aim for recommended specs or better).  At least these specs are reasonable compared to RE5 for PC.

#109 Edited by DaSoul (238 posts) -

My pc would start to burn and then disappear from compression halfway through the installation

#110 Posted by RbBrdMan (2 posts) -

Does anyone know the specs of the PC the guys were using in the quickplay of this?

#111 Edited by amir90 (2243 posts) -

This will work fine in my computer, I just hope it does not scale bad at maximum..
My spec:

MotherBoard:Asus P6T
Intel Core i7 i7-920  @ 2,67GHz
Memory: 6.00GB RAM
Hard Drive: 2 TB + 1 TB HDD
Video Card: His Radeon 4870x2 2 gig
Monitor: 24"  DELL ULTRASHARP 2408WFP (1920x1200)
Sound Card:Not sure
Speakers/Headphones: Logitech Z4 speaker system
Keyboard:Microsoft Sidewinder x6
Mouse: Razer Diamondback
Operating System: Windows 7
     Case:Antec Twelve Hundred Gaming Case
#112 Posted by NoXious (1365 posts) -
According to Snide - he plays it on an Intel Quad 2.66 at home with 4gb of RAM and a nvidia 260.
I'd say it's above the recommended stats (mostly because of the videocard).
#113 Posted by L1D3N (47 posts) -

I'm more than ready for this beast on PC... Bring it on!

#114 Edited by endaround (2260 posts) -

In the gamingtrend.com preview they talked about the machines that it was being demo'd by Bioware for that 2-day play.:
"  The game was running at 1900x1200 (16:10) with all details maxed out, Anti-Aliasing at 8x, and never dropped a frame.  To accomplish this, we used Intel Quad Core 9300s at 2.5 GHz, 2GB of RAM, and a single nVidia 8800 GT graphics card. "
Far from mediocre but not exactly a killer machine 

#115 Posted by KirkyX (206 posts) -

My PC can handle the game (Quad-Core Phenom clocked at 2.8ghz, Nvidia Geforce GTX 260, 8GB RAM.......), but the storage looks like an issue................ I'll have to see about upgrading to a bigger hard drive.
Ah well, needed to reformat to install Windows 7 anyway..............

#116 Posted by Shirogane (3615 posts) -

20GB, that's half my limit for peak downloads for a month... 
Better not get this on steam. At least it's nowhere near as bad as Age of Conan. 
I can run this on my laptop, not well, but it will run. Wondering whehter i want it on PC or console more though, hmm...
#117 Posted by endaround (2260 posts) -

Its not a 20GB download apparently, its comes on a single DVD after all.  Most believe it will be a 9 GB download and then you install the 20 GBs uncompressed.  The game seems to be much more challenging on the PC at the same difficulty level.

#118 Posted by septim (787 posts) -
@CannibalFerox said:
" I'm right at the recommended requirements. I guess that means I won't be able to run it. Darn shame....yup. "
Yeah the recommended system is pretty much exactly my current rig. (Vista)
I think that the Q6600 and 8800 were such benchmarks and so popular that pretty much all games are optimized for those parts.
#119 Posted by Nictel (2691 posts) -

My lil' i5 should run this perfectly though my worries lie with the ATI 4800. I'm confused by ATI's numbering cause they went up and then down again and I have had Nvidia cards for ages. Is a 4800 better or worse than the recommended 3850? Perhaps I'll get a second one to put in crossfire just in case.
Still by the time I downloaded this off steam windows 9 will be out... Darn steam and their attractive limited edition pre order bonuses.

#120 Posted by martinvsyolatengo (43 posts) -

my PC owns the recommended specs. 

#121 Posted by DazMoo (18 posts) -
@Media_Master:  hmm, your freaking crazy... BUT along those notes, with the recommended specs I think I'm going to have to go with Divinity 2.... gameplay looks similar, but I just can't run this game to the full extent
#122 Posted by Juicy (5 posts) -
@Haoshiro said:
" 20GB?  That's just craziness!  My 250GB games partition doesn't even have that much space free, lol.

I guess I should get this on 360, that'll be on one dual-layer DVD, right?
By the way the fully patched 1.01 client with all the DLC here after launch is 15.2 GB.
#123 Edited by AndrewB (7809 posts) -

Runs perfectly on my 8000gt. If you've got a mid-to-high-end card from the past couple of years, you should be okay. Processor doesn't seem to matter much... I'm using a 3.6ghz Core 2 Duo, if that helps anyone. Plus 4 gigs of ram, but in this day in age, if you want to be gaming on your PC, you may as well have that much, given the dirt cheap price of DDR2, even lower-end DDR3.
On that note, seems to scale a lot better than any past Bioware game. I'm even more suprised that, as good as this game looks, it runs like butter, whereas a more graphically underwhelming, older title like Neverwinter Nights 2 still jitters with AA and high resolutions on my machine, when in the thick of larger towns. That's the power of optimization.

#124 Posted by velvetelvis (49 posts) -

does this mean it wont play on my laptop with an integrated ati hd 3200 gpu?  and why 20 gigs of space? that seems kind of extreme.

#125 Posted by MichaelBach (958 posts) -

I hate having to spend hours just to get a game working. Getting the 360 version.

#126 Edited by RadiantGradient (20 posts) -

I'm taking a mental screenshot of this so in 15 years I can laugh at me shitting a brick over a game using up 20 gigs, that isn't an MMO. In fact, I'm gonna take a screen shot right now.

#127 Posted by drevik (18 posts) -

Now we just need Dragon Age PC achievements to be linked to GiantBomb.

#128 Posted by AndrewB (7809 posts) -

Veeeeery old thread.
It's funny that the requirements are 20 GB of space when the game takes up 15 on my hard drive, including DLC. I guess I should factor in a little more for savegames, though. And game cache. But then, in an age of terabyte drives being on sale every now and then for just over $50 (which really dates this comment), that doesn't seem like much of a problem.

#129 Posted by shakra (301 posts) -

This game is way better on the PC.

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