Where do I go to upgrade Mage equipment?

#1 Posted by lleake (34 posts) -

So I'm level 13 Mage, and I swear I'm still using equipment from the first few levels.  I'm not finding any drops and the quests don't seem to give anything out, do I have to buy better equipment?  I just don't feel like I'm getting much better as I level.

#2 Posted by Turduken (168 posts) -

I didn't play as a mage, but Morrigan was in my party the whole time.  I rarely upgraded her equipment, but she was easily my most valuable character.  Didn't find I needed much equipment for her.  

#3 Posted by ztiworoh (728 posts) -

You should be finding some items dropped by enemies - also, when I played as a mage, I made sure to specialize as an Arcane Warrior, which is basically a mage who can also tank and use swords... if you do that, you can use a sword found in the temple where you find the Urn of Sacred Ashes, designed for Arcane Warriors, which doubles as a magic staff... I believe it's called Spellweaver.

#4 Posted by Colf (144 posts) -

There is a shop called wonders of something.
Also the quarter master in the tower circle.

#5 Posted by Vaile (355 posts) -

Colf is thinking of  Wonders of Thedas in Denerim, but I don't know how good the mage robes are.  You might want to try some mods from Dragon Age Nexus. Improved Atmosphere should help with your problem. I also know that when you go to the Alienage, some Tevinter mages there drop some nice robes. And for Morrigan, a side quest that you get in the Circle of Magi culminates in a decent robe, but only she can wear it.

#6 Posted by Undeadpool (4865 posts) -

Magi don't really get a lot of equipment upgrades outside of staves. It's more a matter of what kind of mage you want to play over getting better equipment.

#7 Posted by Yummylee (20554 posts) -

As others have stated, most Mage equipment is procured from battles or from the Wonders of Thedas shop. The quarter-master in the circle tower also has the games best staff for sale.

#8 Posted by Rapture (265 posts) -

Wonders of Thedas sell some great stuff but they are pretty expensive

#9 Posted by RedneckedCrake (311 posts) -

Check out the Wonders of Thedas. They have some badass robes and a bunch of other magical shit too for you to stock up on. Personally, I found I didn't even have to buy Lyrium potions, they're all over the damn place. 
Anyway, by the time I faced the Archdemon with my mage I had some seriously badass robes on. I can't remember what kind they were though, or I could totally be a big help here.

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