Which race is better?

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#-49 Posted by MonkeyMelon (225 posts) -
@odintal:  Yeah I really want this game, it looks awesome, but I need money, I play a lot of Oblivion to try and get my fill of a good RPG.
Need to start to get a job and and car.
Being broke sucks.
#-48 Posted by Spoonman671 (4920 posts) -

Dwarf noble warrior with dual-wielding.

#-47 Posted by mark2000 (131 posts) -

I find it interesting that the stat bonuses for elves are very mage-centric even though the story plays them up more as scouts rather than magic users.

#-46 Posted by RedneckedCrake (321 posts) -

There's nothing cooler than an Dalish elf rogue Warden. Though I like making elven mages too. 
Coolest origin story is probably either the Human noble one or the Dwarf Noble one, though.

#-45 Edited by Brodehouse (10432 posts) -

I like City Elves, Human Nobles and Dwarf Commoners.  It would be great if there was a mage origin story that wasn't just MAGE.
I made a male Dalish elf with the violent voice, and I named him YOSUKE.
I liked the City Elf because they sort of seem like a fantasy equivalent of the 1800s American immigrant Irish.  Just street guys who like to drink and fight.  Shianni especially I liked as a character.  A lot of people like the nobles, and that's great... but I just like the story arc of my nobody elf pulling himself up from nothing to become the bann of the Alienage, and be best friends with the King.

#-44 Posted by lilbooshy (26 posts) -

If you're collecting achievements you'll eventually be all of them.  Personally, I usually go elf
#-43 Posted by Steve236 (21 posts) -

Be a Arcane Warrior then things like sword and heavy armor will be based of magic not on strength.

#-42 Posted by ectoplasma (1025 posts) -

<> Remember 360

#-41 Posted by Steve236 (21 posts) -

Mage who take Arcane warrior path can use heavy weapon and armor.

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