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Here Be Dragons

BioWare knows how to make fun, sprawling RPGs with plenty of room (almost TOO much room, one might argue) for customization, dialogue, character development, and selling useless items because your inventory is full yet AGAIN. All things considered, Dragon Age was a rompin', stompin' good time. My Grey Warden was a sexy Elf ranger with platinum blonde hair and a sarcastic disposition towards life, which made the game that much more entertaining because I imagined her rolling her eyes whenever someone else was speaking to her. Obviously, it's hard to review a game that changes so drastically depending on who is playing it. Give it a whirl if you're into dragons and witches and dwarves and conversation pies and stuff.

I just hope that the title, Dragon Age, doesn't have anything to do with the Chinese zodiac. Because if the next one is going to be called Rabbit Age: Origins...I don't think that's gonna go over very well. Just sayin'.

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