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A masterpiece RPG that makes you feel part of something epic 0

Dragon Age must be one of the best RPG games around (as far as western RPGs go). The scope of its campaign alone truly makes you feel part of a grand battle of good vs. evil and in this case evil dwells both underground in forms of hordes of grizzly enemies and lurks in the heart of men, driven by pride, ambition and intrigue. The storyline of Dragon Age is a mighty one and depending on which of the six different origin stories you chose, you will stand witness to the story of how a young hero ...

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A decent, but flawed RPG experience 0

Pros:-Origin backgrounds are excellent-Combat is solid and features good variety-Excellent soundtrack-Great storyline and characters-Good replay value-Impressive art styleCons:-Graphics could be better-Some bad pacing-Unorganized menu and managing system-Dumb AIBioware is no doubt a master of the RPG genre, with great past titles such as Knights of The Old Republic and Mass Effect series they have become a staple in the industry. So it's no surprise that Dragon Age Origins has a lot of hype behi...

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Here Be Dragons 0

BioWare knows how to make fun, sprawling RPGs with plenty of room (almost TOO much room, one might argue) for customization, dialogue, character development, and selling useless items because your inventory is full yet AGAIN. All things considered, Dragon Age was a rompin', stompin' good time. My Grey Warden was a sexy Elf ranger with platinum blonde hair and a sarcastic disposition towards life, which made the game that much more entertaining because I imagined her rolling her eyes whenever som...

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The ENTIRE Ultimate Edition Review 1

OriginsAdd-onsExpansion (Awakening)1. Dragon Age: ORIGINS - ReviewBioware is one of the few developers that seem to deliver the seemingly impossible mixture between the harmony of deep storytelling and deep gameplay through a RPG genre. When other game developers seem to strive for this nirvana but continuously miss the mark it is all the more impressive to see this single RPG developer do it time and again. Back when it was thought that the RPG roots and rudimentary elements of the “good” RPG w...

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