DA1 & DA2 Promotional items up for free on Bioware's site

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Thanks to the folks at PC gamer for first tipping me onto the story: (link)

In short, anyone with a bioware social / Ea/ Origin account can stock up on these hitherto unavailable items.

But my question: Why?

Why would EA/Bioware make those items available? Are they just trying to get people to maybe play a little bit of their DA1&2 leading up to some DA3 hype? Or are they simply trying to get some numbers on active bioware social accounts to see how many people they could pull in with DA promo items? I can only think that if they're tracking the number of claimants, that data is supposed to tell them something.

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I don't know why but I was expecting this to be the DLC content packs, now I have a bunch of weapons and armor I'll never use. I'll never understand why people give a damn about this sort of crap, and damn why is there so much of it...

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As I remember, most of the DA:O DLC weapons were so OP that they took the fun out of the game. Might be fun if you're going for a nightmare run?

Can't comment on DA2 because I didn't get any of its DLC. I guess this is a step in the right direction for Bioware but all that really matters is that they turn things around with DA3.

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