Which would you have preferred - Dragon Age: Awakening (+1 year of dev. time) or Dragon Age II?

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This is a serious question.  Everyone knows that DA 2 is, at the very least, a controversial sequel.  I'm genuinely curious to see if most gamers would have preferred Awakenings with all of the polish, manpower, and probable add-ons and quests that an extra year of development time would afford over the sequel we just got.  So, what say you, Giant Bomb?

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Awakening was kinda shitty

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Awakening was all sorts of shitty.

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@Crixaliz said:
" Awakening was kinda shitty "
@DeeGee said:
" Awakening was all sorts of shitty. "
The idea is that it wouldn't be shitty if it had an extra year of development.
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@Milkman said:
" @Crixaliz said:
" Awakening was kinda shitty "
@DeeGee said:
" Awakening was all sorts of shitty. "
The idea is that it wouldn't be shitty if it had an extra year of development. "
They'd also presumably have more people working on it, since they wouldn't have people working on DA2.
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@Milkman said:
" @Crixaliz said:
" Awakening was kinda shitty "
@DeeGee said:
" Awakening was all sorts of shitty. "
The idea is that it wouldn't be shitty if it had an extra year of development. "
The idea is that it was beyond salvation. Dragon Age 2, all the way.
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I doubt that extra year would have helped.
I the whole 'everyone is a Grey Warden now' was horrible. It also ignores the fact that your character may have died when you import a save.

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@Crixaliz: I didn't like the Grey Warden thing either, but I think with more time they would've allowed you to transfer your save with a sacrificed Warden (I hated that too).
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Awakening with another year of development to flesh out the characters would have been better. What little story it had, had far more potential then DA2 or even DAO. I like that people think they're defending Bioware by shitting on a better product because the newer product just came out. Yeah, that'll show em. Let's shit on Awakening so they don't make the mistake of thinking DA players want an interesting story.

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The real answer here is Dragon Age II plus one year of extra development. I was fine with Awakening as an expansion on Origins.

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@SlashseveN303: That's definitely the real answer, but it's apparent that wasn't really an option for them.  Given the time they had, I would've preferred a longer dev-time on Awakenings than the two so-so games we got.
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@Wrighteous86:  The main problem for me was that I didn't find any character in the two games that interesting. Although I haven't finished DA2 yet.
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How about a better Dragon 2

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I would be all down for a longer more fleshed out Awakening adventure. Although I'm pretty down with Dragon Age II as well. I dont' see why it gets hate... it added some real neat abilites in the skill tree and also alowed for respec's

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Awakening with an extra year.

But my ideal scenario would be that Awakening wasn't awful and they did a second expansion instead of Dragon Age II.

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I liked Awakening, so that but better sounds like a good deal to me.

I haven't played DA2, so no opinion there.

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I didn't like DA:2, but I loved DA:1, so what you're asking me is "Do you want a slow cooked steak or an uncooked piece of raw meat?" I'll take the steak....

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Let's put it this way. When I bought my copy of Awakening the cashier at gamestop looked me in the eyes and said "this game is broken". I laughed it off, but when I got home and my warden was imported without any clothing or weapons I had to agree with him. I think you'd need to give them 5 years to work out the jank in that game, but for the polls sake I voted for awakening.

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Da2 with more time?

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Dragon Age II. Despite everything people have said, it's still one of my favorite games of the year. It was a bold decision story wise, and even though it had flaws like repeated environments, it finally stepped away from epic save the world cliches that everyone got onto Dragon Age Origins for. And then people complained that Dragon Age II wasn't "epic" like DA:O. Ugh.

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I didn't hate Dragon Age 2. Hell, I'd say that I mostly enjoyed it. To be honest, I wasn't crazy about Origins, but that may have had more to do with the scope of the game and the fact that I didn't have much free time when I played it. So, I guess I'd stick with Dragon Age 2. Though I would really like to see them hit it out of the park with the next one, we all know they have it in them.

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I actually enjoyed parts of Dragon Age 2, so I suppose that.

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Anything that involves more time with Justice, pre-merger. That dude was all right.

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