Why is the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins called Dragon Age 2?

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While that may seem pretty obvious, I would argue that if you (the developer - that's right, you!) give the first game in a series the name fitting of a prequel - Dragon Age: Origins, for example - shouldn't the next game chronologically in the series just be called Dragon Age? I feel like by going straight to DA2, they've actually skipped the part where there was an Age of Dragons. You saw where it all began, you are about to see the next (dark) chapter, but where the hell is the original!? It's like going straight from Star Wars episode 1 to episode 5. You missed all the main characters, the crucial premise of the series, starting with the heroes ones that fought the good fight, setting up the world and mythos of Dragon Age, then we'relaunched straight into Dragon Age 2: The Continuing Adventures of Dragons. 
What I mean is that without a Dragon Age 1, there is no core that the series is branching off, it's just an ever-growing series of branches that are somehow (read: magically) attached to each other. These are the things that keep me awake at night!
Am I crazy? Is it just semantics? These questions and more will be answered by you!

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Err... one of these should not exist. Mods!

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