spiceninja's Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure (Game Boy Advance) review

It's fun while it lasts but it's almost laughably short.

 It's nice to finally see the Dragon Ball series in video game form. It has been neglected by developers for so long and has been overshadowed by Dragon Ball Z. But this game is so short it's almost not even worth playing through as it clocks in at only 2 hours your first time through. It's laughable and disappointing at the same time. It's strange that you only get 2 hours of gameplay out of a series that lasted so long. The story won't make any sense to anyone who has never watched the show and that's because it skips almost all the key plot points and is over so quick that it leaves you wondering just what happened.

It plays like your standard side-scrolling beat em' up. You run from one end to the other and stopping to fight the bad guys that get in your way. You don't level up or gain experience but you do find upgrades for Goku. Boss battles are fun and challenging and will take you a few trys to defeat it. the best parts about the game are the one-on-one battles. They play like fast paced fighting games and will be the one thing you play the most. The graphics are good, they could be better and the best looking thing you'll see in the game is the Kamehameha wave.

This game only lasts 2 hours and maybe a little more if you want to play as Krillin, who isn't much different than Goku and the only reason you'll want to play through as him is to get Piccolo for one-on-one play.


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