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Goku Delivers With This Portbale Adventure

While Dragon Ball Z games a popping up everywhere these days on every single platform known to man (I even saw a DBZ game on a TI-83 graphing calculator) there have been a shortage of games from the series that started it all: Dragon Ball.  Just like the Dragon Ball Z game, Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure follows the story of anime pretty closely.  It follows Goku and his friends on the search for the mystical Dragon Balls and his fights against the evil baddies along the way.

Now unlike previous Dragon Ball Z iterations on the Game Boy Advance, this game does not take a top down perspective.  However, this game is a side-scrolling action game.  You play as Goku and you wield you fits, feet, power pole, and the mighty Kamehameha wave.  Basically you just keep moving forward beating everyone you see in sight, and this can get a little repetitive, but the boss battles seem to make up for that.

This game may seem shallow at first glance, but for a GBA game it is the perfect game.  The game play is in short portable bursts so that you are not stuck in front of that tiny screen for hours at a time.  If you are a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise or retro arcade beat-em-up's then I definitely recommend this game to you.


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