Anybody excited?

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Anybody? I wonder who the new 6 characters are though...

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Not a new Burst Limit/ Budokai game = Not Interested. I really loved Budokai 3, And the Raging Blast/ Tenkaichi series never really did it for me.

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I'm not interested in these Dragon Ball fighting games anymore.  They never have a deep or balanced fighting mechanic, and I really prefer the Tenkaichi way as I think it more accurately reflects DBZ fighting, even though it's stupidly executed. 
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, on the other hand...

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Tenkaichi 3 was beautiful in my opinion and I probably have played it for more than 100 hrs total. I wish they would just remake that with better graphics a la Ninja Storm and with  crazy over the top original supers like in Ninja Storm. Also, more badassery and less easy to dodge beams. I wanna be able to move my characters beam and fast! Also, a balanced roster, I don't mind if it's less characters as long as they feel somewhat unique (with diff. fighting styles and stances) and have a chance against the obviously more powerful ssj3's.

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@Interfect said:
" Not a new Burst Limit/ Budokai game = Not Interested. I really loved Budokai 3, And the Raging Blast/ Tenkaichi series never really did it for me. "
Are you my long lost twin or something? I feel the same way. Burst Limit was a fun diversion and Budokai 3 was the greatest DBZ fighting game ever made, even Ryan gave it a 8.0 back in the Gamespot days. Also I might get this game when the price is dropped only because it has the final movie remastered. 
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Don't really care for Raging Blast.

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I am to a dbz fighting game as a sonic fan to sonic(TOPICAL!!!). which is kinda ironic cause i am a sonic fan and am not at all bitter about that series. One day some one will take the two series types and combine with a tablespoon of logic and depth and will come out with a true dragonball z fighting game experience. As for now the best fighter in that vain is naruto's ninja storm. The developer seems to care  a little more and not being able to fly really helped a game like that.  
That said, raging blast could still get me if the reviews are good. And sadly this is the first time a dbz game is not on my radar. 
@RE_Player92: we must be triplets. Cause budokai 3 is where it peaked. Can anyone say super saiyan 4 gogeta and his game breaking 100x bigbang kame ha maha

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@RE_Player92:  I guess. My friends and I spent hours going through the story mode again and again. And always loved going into tournaments where everyone would hang out at my house. Also I loved the store unlocking stuff. I bought Burst Limit for 3.99 used. But even for a low price. It doesn't fill the Budokai 3 hole.

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