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Best in the series.

The best Dragonball Z game ever created is here! Budokai 3 is just wicked! The story mode starts off with Goku meeting with Raditz and you have to fight him. Easy, but when you have to use Special beam cannon with Piccolo, it becomes challenging. In this game you've got something called "Dragon Mode!" where you can perform your final move onto your opponent. Goku has Genki Dama, and so on.

If you complete story mode you get something called "red ribbon base" Do not ignore this! You can win a few characters here! In the world tournament mode you can win money and buy skills for your characters. Go to the character and add the move. Yes, it's true. You can go SSJ4 with Vegeta and Goku. It's amazing, but not fair. This game provides the best multiplayer action ever in a Dragonball game. You can also get SSJ4 Gogeta, it uses up all of your skill slots but it's worth it. If the character has an ultimate move, like Goku's Genki Dama, the whole place explodes and a giant crater is formed. This is a game that'll make everyone play real Dragonball Z, buy this game! One of the best fighting games on the PS2.


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    Up until now... the only kind of DBZ games I liked was the SNES Super Butoden series from the Cell and Buu sagas. I tried the PS1 DBGT game and it was miserable... then some more games came but all were just a disppointment. But a friend introduced me to a copy of DBZ: Budokai 3... and my perpective on the whole DBZ game universe has changed. Not only is the game faithful to the Dragon Ball Z universe but it´s actually fun to play. The gameplay is pretty innovative, fun and easy to follow and ...

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    As a slight fan of side scroller fighters, this is my end all beat all favorite DBZ game they have so far! They had the story all there, free flying, all the transformations IN the characters, without selecting a separate version. Just everything about this game had it, and they dropped the ball with later games, giving up length for better looking sprites..  ITS CEL SHADED.... The graphics are pretty much as good as they get!...

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