HD Collection replaces the soundtrack

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One of the things that I think absolutely holds up about these games is the soundtrack. Budokai, Budokai 2 and Budokai 3 all had awesome soundtracks, a great mix of guitars and horns. Unfortunately the composer for those games, Kenji Yamamoto (no relation to the Super Metroid composer) recently got in trouble for his work on Dragon Ball Kai, in which he plagiarized a lot of songs from movie soundtracks, and older songs of his have also been discovered to have plagiarism in them as well. As such, Namco Bandai has responded by replacing the music in Budokai 1 and 3 with music found in the Tenkaichi and Raging Blast games.

If the soundtrack is a large part of your nostalgia for this game, you're better off tracking down old PS2 copies again.

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Well, thankfully for me, I hardly care about the soundtrack (though I liked the menu screen's music in Budokai 3, I seem to recall) so it's fine. I just want to replay the great battles in the best battle system I've seen a Dragonball Z game feature, after having recently gotten back into Dragonball. I've just started a Japanese education which will hopefully see me relatively fluent in Japanese five years from now, and I'm now rewatching all those episodes--in Japanese. It's better than I remembered it being, even.

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I was originally going to rage, but it's totally understandable why Namco would do that. Still wish this game had online though. 

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That's a shame, but plagiarism sucks, so it's I understand it. Still prolly gonna buy this.

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I have the third game and only pull it out when my brother and I want a good time...

...so yeah, maybe, sometime in the future. It's like the quality of DBZ games sharply rose with Budokai 3 and then took a hard, hard, hard, nosedive with... Sagas, I think it was?

EDIT: The soundtrack to these games were good in a bad kind of way, but I don't really think I'll miss them that much

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Budokai #1 was my thing. That and Bloody Roar Primal Fury.

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I just popped it in and was instantly disappointed when I heard different tunes. The game is still fun but man some of these new tracks are lame compared to the ones from the initial release, especially the intro to Budokai 3.

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No online play for Budokai 3? PASS. What's even the point.

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to be honest i just liked the Intro songs. The others got kind of worn out.

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@mrmanga said:

to be honest i just liked the Intro songs. The others got kind of worn out.

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That is because Yamamoto ripped off Stratovarius (3 or 4 times),Mettalica,and Marylin Manson in the music in the original game.

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