The game hold up great but f dragon rush

#1 Posted by BradBrains (1535 posts) -

after picking this up Ive played and enjoyed budokai 3 just as much as i did when it came out. playing to unlock the characters has been a blast and the computer will kick you ass for button mashing.

I gotta say a lot of the time the dragon rush ruins some really fun battles. losing 2 life bars at basically random. no fun.

I also have a simi minor complaint about ring outs but ill leave that for a minor time.

My main question is: when playing this game (mainly budokai 3 lets be honest 1 is not terrible but its not what most came for) does it feel that dated to you? also your opinion on dragon rush and the mechanics in general.

#2 Posted by Gaspatchosoup (48 posts) -

I feel the same even the first 1 held up pretty well and no it actually really doesn't feel dated at least to me. But yeah f**k ring outs they are garbage. Playing 3 i probably did the second level on the tournaments about 50 times out of those i died about twice all the others were ring outs. About the dragon rush the computer uses it way to much have been in fights where it will do it 4x in a row. Other than that its a pretty good game.

#3 Posted by BradBrains (1535 posts) -

playing the game on the harder difficulty levels (especially the Z levels) you start to see some cracks i think. im finding the computer starts to re-act to my button presses and not whats goin on on screen. i just put in a combo you cant already know its common and already be dodging. maybe i just dont know fighting games but that kinda bugs me. super buy seems to be easily thr cheapest character in the game for this.

#4 Posted by TechnoSyndrome (1109 posts) -

Yeah, back when Budokai 3 first came out the constant Dragon Rushes really annoyed me. There was a later game called Infinite World that was a budget sequel to Budokai 3 and removed Dragon Rush entirely, as well as making several other changes to the gameplay that I thought really improved the game. Unfortunately the story mode was lackluster, so I wish you could somehow transplant Infinite World's gameplay into Budokai 3's story mode.

#5 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

I like the Dragon Rush I just wish their was more variety to them.

#6 Posted by jlarss (3 posts) -

What I usually do when they activate Hyper Mode is that I double tap backwards so that I run away until their Hyper Mode runs out and then when it does you have a free attack on them. Watch out for edges though as they'll stop you

#7 Posted by Gaspatchosoup (48 posts) -

@jlarss: Thats what i would do but with this game the camera would sometimes go crazy and change and all of a sudden i was going at them and when i would try to change directions the character moved to slow and i got hit.

With the camera there were times where it would get stuck when we were next to a wall so all i saw was my characters back and couldnt gage where the other character was.

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