This game is seriously difficult!

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I rented this game just to compensate time lost for my Xbox 360 being broken, and this game is ridiculous -- in a bad way. This game is way too difficult, and trying to play "Dragon History" on Normal mode is sick. Some of the situations just ask too much for you, and I'm stuck on "Conclusion" when you need to kill Buu. Because I love fucking chain after chain of combos being laid on me, right before I need to kill this prick.

I can get through with Goku, the first Buu, Herecule, but not Vegeta. Every fucking time, too, and I always manage to survive the longest with Vegeta, yet I never get the confirmation to hit the damn R3 button. This game is pretty terrible when it comes to being fair, honestly. I wish Vegeta had an actual fucking attack similar to the Meteor Dash (which Goku has), so I could at least spam my way to a victory.

...oh my god, this is insane, I just needed to get this off my chest. Aside from that, its an OK game.

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When you really think about it its not that hard....
 Just practice a bit more with vegita and use a lot of combo's on buu then do one of those punches or kicks that stuns him and use the galick gun or the energy barrage vegita has
Once you get used to it its not hard i play on hard difficulty and its not too hard
If you really want to challenge yourself and see how difficult the game really is look up red potara passwords and put them in the data center thing then you will summon really strong fighters its way too hard

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Man i loved this game . The learning curve is massive when you amp the difficulty up

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I never liked the Tenkaichi games as much as Budokai 3.

Man did I love Budokai 3.

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Which version do you play?

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