spiredcrescent7's Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Wii) review

Best in the tenkaichi series

I have been a fan of dragonball Z since i can remember. I have played all games in the series with an addiction. I was totally looking forward to this years addition as they claim to have online play, which would work great with since it was so hard to play in split-screen from the behind the back view. They changed the game from a sad Wii port to something actually made for the console by actually mimicking motions instead of only pointing in a certain direction. This is great. The graphics and sound are right on with the series and there are tons of single player action to be had. Almost every single major character is in this game. My greatest trouble is that the games multiplayer isn't even par with modern fighting games. Online barely plays and split-screen is unbearable. For those wanting to play DBZ this will suffice, but those who want an awesome fighting game might as well go grab something for your old console because you can have more fun with your friends playing something older.


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