These Z ratings are stupid

#1 Posted by Benjaminvdv (320 posts) -

I just had a match on normal against Recoome with Vegata, I totally annihilated that guy, used his ultimate attack, charged attacks etc, at the end I got the bloodless achievement for a perfect match... yet I got a S rank...

I'm guessing I was supposed to take damage to get some cutscenes, but I'm being punished in rank for owning, that's just not right.

That aside though I love the game. ;)

#2 Posted by babblinmule (1280 posts) -

I think you have to do certain things in the match, like do an aerial pursuit, a throw, a super etc.

If I remember rightly there should be a checklist of everything you did and didnt do at thee end of every story mode match.

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