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Not Exactly Bursting at the Seams... 1

With every year in gaming, comes inevitabilities. Sports fans are treated to yearly entries in the EA Sports series of games, movie fans are catered with game adaptations of the biggest blockbusters or the year, Playstation owners are treated to games from Insomniac, and so on – Dragon Ball Z is no exception. Ever since the release of the first Budokai game in 2002 (and effectively becoming the first Dragon Ball Z game to be popular in the West), fans have been treated to a yearly fighting game ...

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Proves a game can look good & play great but still be garbage 0

Steven BeynonEpicSteveGamertag: EpicBombDragonball Z Burst Limit is the first Dragonball game to arrive to the current generation, and on its run here it seemed to of lost a lot of potential. If your a fan of the Japanese cartoon you may be disappointed by the way this game conveys its potentially epic story, and minimizes it to short bursts of cutscenes that pathetically introduce each fight which will immediately turn off anyone who isn't a fan of the series. Not that Dragonball Z's story arc ...

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Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit : fun but flawed 0

20 years. It’s been almost 20 years since the Dragon Ball Z anime first aired. It’s hard to believe, I know. In those 20 years it has become a phenomenon, and most probably the most popular manga and anime series around. So, with a phenomenon comes lots of merchandise. From T-shirts to action figures. And of course Video Games. And Dragon Ball Z has had many games. From the NES to the Arcade. The majority of these games are fighters. Some good, some not so good. And the latest game in the serie...

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Get balls and blow up stuff 0

Dragonball z is a franchise that keeps being put in different iterations for all sorts of fans to enjoy. Burst limit goes back to that first budokai feel in order to highlight what dragonball z does and that is the awesome battles. Burst Limit has characters that end with the cell saga. This is sad considering the last budokai had countless characters that were all fun to play. The game has a story mode called Z Chronicles which highlights the main battles and wraps it up at the ending giving t...

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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Review EN ESPAÑOL 0

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit es por mucho el juego de Dragon Ball Z mas bello hasta la fecha. Desafortunadamente, la mecánica de juego no llega al mismo nivel que los visuales, en lo que respecta a reproducir la acción y lo llamativo del material original.     No es ningún secreto que soy un fan de la serie de Dragon Ball Z. Siempre he pensado que si hay alguna propiedad intelectual que se presta para ser un gran titulo de peleas, es precisamente DBZ. Tiene personajes interesantes, con poderes súp...

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Like a car crash, but more explosions and less sadness 0

Positives:- Perfect for DBZ fans, especially if you enjoyed the original Budokai series- Great visuals- Cool super attacks- The addition of drama pieces are a good ideaNegitaves:- Online play can be laggy if using a cross country connection and definitely not enough there to keep you coming back- You probably wont enjoy this and definitely wont know what's going on if your not a DBZ fan- Only includes the first three sagas- Drama pieces and rank requirements get repetitive fastDragonBall Z: Burs...

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It's Dragon Ball Z 0

This game is definitely a fun game for Dragon Ball Z fans. It goes back to the Budokai style of fighting on a 2D plane and is simple for a lot of people to pick up and play. I had some friends over who don't particularly care for or know anything about Dragon Ball Z, but they picked up the controller and were doing some spectacular moves in minutes. Speaking of spectacular moves, the game looks incredible. The movement is fast paced and very fluid. You can pick up the controller and button mash,...

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Really Happy 0

First thing first, I never played any of the older DBZ games except for the old Snes Japanese ones. I was really happy with this game in demo form, and became even happier with the full product. It may not offer much new based on the older games (even the snes ones) but it does exactly what I want a DBZ game to do. Between the frantic button mashes (that literally get me and friends sweating) and the graphics, It's what I was expecting. The biggest surprise to me was that the control scheme take...

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almost cooked to perfwxtion 0

Dragon Ball Z is the best anime on Televisiion that has literalyy stolen everybody's time to watch all over again. If you've managed to steer clear of the popular Dragon Ball Z anime this game will surely tell you that its the best anime ever. Though this 3D fighter is full of characters and special moves from the anime that fans like me really know them gamers who ddidnt watch will love this game for sure.Burst Limit goes out of its way to be accessible to newcomers with a bunch of tutroils and...

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A solid addition with nothing new to offer but upped graphics 0

So just to start i am a huge Dragonball z fan, as it was the first Anime that i ever saw back when it was first shown on Cartoon Network but this Burst Limit review will not be swaided by that fact like alot of these other reviews have. So on to the Review!!! People seem to compare this game with Budokai 3 alot for some reason, even after playing it, this is wrong as it shouldn't be compared with 3 but with Budokai 1. I'm proberly right in guessing that if your reading ( or have read ) this r...

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Dragon Ball Z Will Please Fans of the Dragon Ball Anime and Manga 0

Dragon Ball Z has had tons of fighting games going all the way back to the Super Famicom days. Some of these older Dragon Ball games are terrific (particularly Ultimate Battle 22 on the original Playstation) and some are down right horrible. So, how does Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit stack up against today’s modern fighting games? The biggest part of the game is the Z Chronicles which takes you through a very condensed history of Dragon Ball Z pitting you in fight after fight with lots of cut-scenes...

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Best DBZ game to date! 0

This game is definatley the best DBZ game upto now!Review :Gameplay Gameplay is as good as any other DBZ Fighting titles, there might not be as many characters as say Tenkaichi 3 but it still keep a nice set of characters, moves are fluid and so are the animations, same buttons as any other budokai game so anybody wondering what the button setup is like then vets of the previous games will be happy with it.GraphicsGraphics in the game are on of the best Cell Shaded graphics i have seen, Goku and...

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Dragon Ball makes its way onto the next gen 0

My relationship with Dragonball games has been a very mixed one. Some I loved and some i hated. This is kind of in the middle. For the msot part its still keeps DBZ feel which I guess you could say is really all it needs to do. On the other hand you wonder if they been a little lazy as well. Burst Limit takes dragonball back to Budokai routes, This is pretty much that kind of game. If you played dragonball game before then you may already know what to expect. Its simple controls with some power...

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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit 0

Burst Limit is the most recent entry into the long running Dragon Ball Z fighting series. It released in early June right in the middle of such releases like Ninja Gaiden II and Metal Gear Solid 4. It's a tough time to release a game, but I feel Atari has done something good with the Dragon Ball Z name, however unfortunately it's not all that different from the previous Dragon Ball Z games, and really doesn't have staying power. There's a lot in the game to talk about, so let's...

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"It looks like a cartoon!" 0

Instead of covering the entire series for the nth time, what we have now in the singleplayer mode, aptly named the Z Chronicles, is something that glosses over the first main three arcs of the storyline, including the Saiyan Saga, the Frieza Saga, and the Cell Saga. Also, the issue of having too many battles represented is finally fixed, with only significant ones being used for missions. This alone makes Burst Limit a lot more approachable given that you won’t be playing dozens of hours just to...

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Pretty good. 0

Instead of a proper review, i'll just list pros, cons, and then my final thoughts.Pros-Enjoyable, fast fighting-Characters are pretty diverse-Great cell-shaded graphics and animation-Some excellent cutscenesCons-Some of the cutscenes in story mode are recycled-Alot of content from anime is missing in the game (E.g: characters, costumes, and especially cutscenes)-The drama pieces and "burst" mode sequences slow down the pace of the game and get quite annoying after a while-Not alot of replay valu...

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Rent this one first. 0

If this game wasn't Dragonball Z themed, it would be pure trash.The only good things about this game are the graphics and that it has the DBZ storyline.  But it tries to be a pure fighting game, rather than, well, a DBZ game.  And unfortunatly, it doesn't hold up to the other fighting games out there.  It's too simple.  Every fighter has the same moveset, they just act it out differently.  The story is very loosely followed, which was a huge dissapointment.  And only a mere 20 or so characters? ...

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Visually sweet, gameplay is fun in short 'Bursts' 0

Visually the game is impressive. All of the character models and animations are spot on. The options to have either Japanese or English dialogue off the bat is nice, though if you play through the game in english the lip sync is completely off. The game does a great job to immerse you in this epic battle as it looks and sounds like every hit is brutal.  Online play is not too bad as I did not encounter any bad lag during my time of playing.After a couple of hours though this game becomes highly ...

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Close, but no Sensu 0

I was a fan of Budokai 1-3 the side stated fighter was quick fun, and even though all you did was dodge and shoot kai blasts all day, that was all you needed.. Strange new storyline sides where good, and all the playable characters you wanted, with all the super saiyan levels built right in.. Burst Limit had ALOT of high quality action and same old story, but it was just such a let down, to stop at Cell and Brolly, let alone the damn cut ins.... With he cut in assistance OFF I would rate this ga...

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Dragonball z 0

Though not very one's  cup of tea the dragonball series has countless numbers of fans , movies , sagas and of course video games , and though not all dragonball games have lived up to the fans expectations burs limit is a gift for all those die hard dragonball fans . The game concerntrates mainly on the freeza saga and the cell saga but also features special charcaters goku's father bardock and the legendary super saiyan broly while some fans would have hoped for a larger roster maybe featuring ...

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