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The third and final game that re-tells the Dragon Ball Z story on the Game Boy Advance, Buu's Fury picks up after the events of the Android/Cell Saga. Taking place during the events of the Buu saga, Gohan is now all grown up, and also has a new younger brother, Goten. A brand new evil appears that is named Bibidi, who's trying to revive a powerful warrior to take control of so he can take over the universe. 


Buu's Fury is a beat-em-up with RPG elements at its core. Characters level up and gain more stat points to use. Leveling up also gives characters the ability to break down numbered barriers in order to progress in the story. Legacy of Goku 3 also incorporated equipment and food to both strengthen your character and restore health respectively. The game has a total of five standard characters and 3 fusion characters. By leveling up and completing more of the story, these characters gain access to higher-powered versions of their normal powers and the ability to go into different levels of Super Saiyan, ranging from Super Saiyan 1-3. 


As mentioned earlier, Buu's Fury has 5 total characters and 3 different fusion forms. Two of the fusion forms can be used as powers, while one is only used in some story boss fights. The characters are also given many different costumes throughout the day, and at some points in the story you can use other side characters.

Normal Characters


Fusion Characters

*Only usable in certain story mission.

Temporary Playable Characters

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