Who's getting this???

#1 Posted by Kaycon11 (128 posts) -

I am totally gonna get this, I like the DBZ and the game looks incredible. The graphics are looking very slick, especially for a PS2 game, I like the way it looks better than burst limit, I also like some of the mini game things that are thrown into the fights. As for a content goes, it looks like it's gonna have a decent amount of characters, around 40 not counting transformations, so there is gonna be more than enough characters. Also, It is going back to the Budokai look and feel, it looks like a better looking budokai 3, which is really exciting, I can't wait for this game to come out.

#2 Posted by coakroach (2493 posts) -

Button mashing ftw

#3 Posted by Daniel_Newton (1274 posts) -

I will get it as long as it doesn't turn out bad. Some games look cool untill you actually play them, but it should be good.

"I like the way it looks better than burst limit" -- wtf? Graphically Burst Limit is the best looking Dragon Ball Z game EVER. Infinite World looks like a polished up Shin Budokai 2 which looks pretty nice... but Burst Limit looks worlds better.

I hope the characters get more moves, Goku had like twice as many special moves in the original budokai, like the warp kamehameha, I hope they bring that back it was awesome.

#4 Posted by Kaycon11 (128 posts) -

What I meant by the graphics comment I made is...Infinite world, in my opinion, looks more anime and cartoon arty than burst limit does, Burst Limit looks amazing, but I think Infinite world looks more faithful to the anime then burst limit does. Also, I am shock when I see the screens for this game and realize it's for the PS2, it looks absolutely amazing for a PS2 title.

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