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Dragon Ball Z: Sagas is an action Beat em’ up based on the popular anime released in March 2005 for the Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox, it was developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Atari. It’s the first action game in the series and also the first and only Dragon Ball Z game released for the Xbox.


 The concept of the game is to kill all enemies in a level in order to reach the boss using several techniques such as Vegeta’s Galick Gun and Goku’s Kame-Hameha, after finishing a level players gain access to the next one. The game takes the players from the beginning of the Saiyan saga up to the Cell games and takes place in several locations from the series such as Planet Namek and the Earth.

It also includes a Co-op mode for up to two players and a special mode mode called “Pendulum room” unlocked after completing the game. Playable characters include: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Yamcha, Tien, Piccolo, Trunks and Krillin.

Game Credits

  • Development - Aaron Walker
  • Development - Adam Ford
  • Development - Al Mecklenburg
  • Development - Alex Olmos
  • Development - Barry Zundel
  • Development - Benson Yee
  • Development - Brent Critchfield
  • Development - Bryan Lefler
  • Development - Chefi Hawley
  • Development - Dallin Haws
  • Development - Dave McClellan
  • Development - Del Campbel
  • Development - Gabe Avila
  • Development - Jeff Oxburrow
  • Development - Jim Henns
  • Development - Joe Barnnes
  • Development - Jon Bray
  • Development - Jon Warner
  • Development - Justin Kunz
  • Development - Kristen Yee
  • Development - Lauriann
  • Development - Marcus Fisher
  • Development - Matt Parrish
  • Development - Mike Olmos
  • Development - Nate Robbins
  • Development - Rodney Olmos
  • Development - Scott Stoddard
  • Development - Scott Yoho
  • Development - Todd Blackburn
  • Development - Tyler Colburt
  • Voice of: Piccolo and Vegeta - Chris Sabat
  • Voice of Bulma - Tiffany Vollmer
  • Voice of Henchman/Guldo - Bill Townsley
  • Voice of Ginyu - Brice Armstrong
  • Voice of Android 17 - Chuck Huber
  • Voice of Cell - Dameon Clarke
  • Voice of Red Ribbon army - Duncan Brannan
  • Voice of Trunks - Eric Vale
  • Voice of Tien/Saibamen - John Burgmeier
  • Voice of Cell Jr. - Justin Cook
  • Voice of Dr. Gero - Kent Williams
  • Voice of Narrator/Gohan - Kyle Hebert
  • Voice of Dende - Laura Bailey
  • Voice of Frieza - Linda Young
  • Voice of Android 18 - Meredith McCoy
  • Voice of Master Roshi - Mike McFarland
  • Voice of Nappa - Phil Parsons
  • Voice of Android 19 - Phillip Wilburn
  • Voice of Goku/King Kai - Sean Schemmel
  • Voice of Krillin/Bardock - Sonny Strait
  • Voice of Gohan - Stephanie Nadolny
  • Voice of Broly - Vic Mignogna

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