Fast Glance turns time sink

#1 Posted by wordfalling (205 posts) -

Any duders been inclined to create an account in Dragon Nest or Vindictus after watching intern Perry's free to play videos? If you want to party up, my character's name is Benway in both games. I'm further along in Dragon Nest than Vindictus which I'm still trying to figure out, that game be dense.

As a complete aside, directed to @ethan & @coonce, your interns are doing good work on youtube, love the fear gauntlet and the free to play stuff. The kids got heart.

#2 Posted by ESREVER (2832 posts) -

Dragon Nest is great. I started playing it a couple of months ago and had a blast on the Gerrant server. Unfortunately, they have only implemented Ch 1 of the campaign, which you can complete at around lvl 22. Level 24 is the current cap. All anyone is doing is grinding for orange gear, which I have no interest in doing at lvl 23.

I'll wait until it gets a content update before going back to it. I don't really wanna try other classes out either. I like my Priest (MaceX), and I do have my alt which is an Archer named TWINGTWANG. Points to those who get that reference... It's a fun game with a nice style to it. I just don't wanna burn myself out before the next update.

#3 Posted by jakob187 (22370 posts) -

I didn't know they actually followed up and did a look at Dragon Nest. That game is pretty damn excellent.

#4 Posted by xync4 (193 posts) -

It's definitely the best free to play game I've tried (save TF2 of course) (also tried need for speed world, battlefield heroes & ftp, lord of the rings, and all points bulletin)... Definitely feeling the art style and combat flow, but a bit puzzled by things like timers on menus & clunky install process... May sink more time in it yet

#5 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

I seen the review on IGN and it looks pretty good.  Trying to get a friend to play it with me so I have a better chance of sticking with it.

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