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I have just been sent to protect Angel Falls all by myself, and I have been running around this village trying to figure out what the hell I need to do in order to progress. I've talked to every villager and I still don't know what needs to be done or even how to do it. I don't understand how something so simple has been plaguing so. Can anyone tell me what to do?

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I think you need to go do something at the church. Either that, or sleep somewhere. It's been a while.

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@BraveToaster: I believe you're collecting Benevolessence or something. So, help the guy at the farm with his manure to get one. Then go teach a kid a lesson and talk to some dog to get a ring which you take to the church. Then it'll be night and you'll start the main story quest with the Aquila girl. It's a lot clearer after that.

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@TruthTellah: @Video_Game_King: Thanks, I was pretty close to shelving this game over something so easy.

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@BraveToaster said:

I was pretty close to shelving this game over something so easy.

Wait, really? It's the beginning of the game.

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@Video_Game_King: Really, I started playing last week, made it to the village and stop after wandering around for 30 minutes. I finally got around to turning my DS back on.

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@BraveToaster: heh. Don't sweat it. It's old school like that. Doesn't tell you much. Just gotta experiment til you get it. After that, though, it's pretty cut and dry. Good luck with it! :)

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