A quest for dragons. In screenshot form.

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Posted by Video_Game_King (36565 posts) -

What? Were you expecting something else? Well, whatever you were expecting, you're getting Dragon Quest V instead. A game that I've already played through twice before. Yet despite this, there was so much here that I didn't see in those previous experiences. Enough, at least, to start another one of these threads. Let us commence, shall we?

When people say not to drink during a pregnancy, they mean it for both parents.
Stilted, but badass.
Is the captain toking?
The hell is sugoroku? Anybody have a clue what that means?
You know how monsters in video games carry money on them for no explicable reason? Well, here, it's weed.
Can somebody remind me why I married the other girl in my previous playthroughs?
"Yo wut dis here 'for' word supposed ta mean?"
I think that's the reason WHY he hasn't returned.
Kush Quest V: Herb of the Heavenly Bride.
I can't tell if this monster design is lazy or scary. Sclarzy?
All he needs is a top hat.
"We are here to pray for the loss of Mario."
Suck it, Kurosawa.
"Dat don' sound weird, right?"
This village is fucked.
I think you're premature on the angle launch, game.
Fusing them into one.
"Wait uh second. Ain't dis here da exact opposite o' what we's be trying ta do?"

All of Bianca's dialogue courtesy of the Ebonics Translator.

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Should have played the DS version. Debora is the best wife.

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I've really meant to play the Dragon quest games for a while now. From what I played of 4 a few years ago, I liked.

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@petiew said:

Should have played the DS version. Debora is the best wife.

I already did a while ago, but I married Flora there, as I always do.

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I had no idea they rereleased DQV as a PS2 game between the SNES and DS versions. I take it this is some kind of fan translation? It occurs to me how easy it would be (relatively speaking anyway, since you're still hacking the game's files and moving graphics around) to add the English script of a game that's been officially localized back into an older unlocalized version of the game.

I really ought to get back to IX one of these days. I don't even remember why I stopped. I think I got sick of trying to do all those promotion quests, or I tried one of those random dungeon grotto things and got horribly murdered by its boss. I'm going to say a little of column A and a little of column B.

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@mento said:

I take it this is some kind of fan translation?


@mento said:

It occurs to me how easy it would be (relatively speaking anyway, since you're still hacking the game's files and moving graphics around) to add the English script of a game that's been officially localized back into an older unlocalized version of the game

Although you're wrong on this point. I know it's been a while since I've played a non PS2 version of this game, but I don't remember it being as British as it will inevitably become. Given how the SNES translation hedged more toward the literal side (as fan translations are wont to do), my best guess is that this is a completely new script.

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@video_game_king: Oh really? So the big muscle dudes wearing helmets aren't all talking in cockney accents? I find the accents in modern DQ games to be thoroughly perplexing, and I live in the country they ostensibly originate from.

I guess it means something when a game has three completely different localizations. That's bizarre.

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Well, that cat's gonna get rescued today. How efficient. Remember how my last thread took nine thousand updates just to introduce a team pet? Anyway, we'll call him Numor. It's only fitting.

Oh, that's right. I didn't trust her around the kids.
Bianca's been going through our shit, hasn't she?
"Why are you collecting this tea set? Who gives a shit?"
And here's our first boss battle. Not too difficult if you're at the right level. (I wasn't and had to grind around a bit to reach it.)
"We saw all the weed addicts and just assumed the best."
The Brooklyn Way.
"Learned this one from Michael Jackson."
"Yo fuq da lessons dis here game iz trying ta teach us!" (I think I'm starting to understand the logic behind this translator.)
Didn't this exact same thing happen midway through Illusion of Gaia? What is it with Enix games and graverobbing girls being essential to the plot?
It might as well be an Assassin's Creed game.
"Papas felt like a real dumbass when he heard."
Because all the other names she offered suck.
"Yo Who needs underwear? don't make me shank ya!" (Or maybe not.)
"Your face is simply astounding."
Time paradox ahoy!
"Vinny." "Ryan!"
Certainly explains why he doesn't sell any decent weapons.
I think Andre's the only one in this screenshot who isn't high. And even that's dubious.
Couldn't afford the A, I see.

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Oh god, how long's this one gonna take?

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DQ V is sooo good. Just looking at those screenshots makes me want to start another play through.

@petiew said:

Debora is the best wife.


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@video_game_king: What's even weirder than the time paradox is that this is (I believe anyway) the only time a DQ hero has ever talked.

@mento said:

I really ought to get back to IX one of these days.

You should, it's great. So much to do in that game.

It gets a bit excessive, but I'm a fan of the newer localised translations. 'Ere m8 u cheeky wee fella, i sware on me mums lyf if u make fun of me mask 1 more time ill ave u m8 str8 up.

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Oh god, how long's this one gonna take?

I've got 40 updates, so a little over a month?

@petiew said:

@video_game_king: What's even weirder than the time paradox is that this is (I believe anyway) the only time a DQ hero has ever talked.

What about VI, where you run into the real-world version of the protagonist?

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@petiew said:

Should have played the DS version. Debora is the best wife.

I already did a while ago, but I married Flora there, as I always do.

Debora is superior.

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@hailinel said:

@video_game_king said:

@petiew said:

Should have played the DS version. Debora is the best wife.

I already did a while ago, but I married Flora there, as I always do.

Debora is superior.

This feature will say otherwise. Just you wait.

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This feature will say otherwise.

It will. But it'll be wrong.

What about VI, where you run into the real-world version of the protagonist?

Well that reminded me that I never finished that game!

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Remember how I touched on the Fairy Kingdom yesterday? That shit's solved in a single update. THEY DON'T CALL ME THE KING FOR NOTHING, MOTHERFUCKER.

"You're fired. Like, immediately."
Her name is Bella, asshole.
Have fun sleeping tonight.
"The kid's been messing around with meth. You know what that does to a guy?"
"Hot three-way action!"
Could've just included a story event where he learns how to read, but this works, too.
"Gay people aren't real, silly boy!"
This is the only spot in town that switches to this angle. No, I don't know why.
"I don't know how to use underwear. Better put it on this feral cat instead." (Also, leather briefs? What?)
The translators seem to have forgotten that this is a game for kids.
"And scrub these damn floors."
So she basically imagined it all? Lazy ass.
The only evidence of the Fairy World.
"And I am the one known as Google, who translates rather literally."
"Could you stop clipping on my back, son? It's putting some stress on the programming."
"You mind if the kid watches?" "That's my son." ".........So that's a no?"
Do people actually laugh like that?
Take a drink every time you hear this phrase. You'll be plastered before you leave the castle.
I'm gonna have to go meet with a marriage councilor after this, aren't I?

I hereby declare this the anthem of this thread:

Loading Video...

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A warning: some REAL heady shit's gonna happen in today's update. Viewer discretion is advised.

"Upon hitting the ground, it became all kinds of macculate."

Sound familiar?
Drink up. You're going to be seeing this quite a bit. (Or at least I am.)
"........Was that supposed to open the door for us?"
I was trying to capture Papas slapping the shit out of Henry, but now it just looks like Henry doesn't like his mustache.
"Stop using that word or the boy gets it!"
That's just what he calls his junk.
Emotionally heavy moment in 3, 2...
It's much harder to watch in motion.
"Let's all give a round of applause for Papas! This is his first time dying on stage, so don't go hard on him! Oh, who are we kidding? Go as hard as you like!"
"......What do we do now?"
Now we know where Yukari gets it.
Hopefully, I get to use this spell at some point in the game.
That's how I want to go: hugging a giant fireball of death.
"How 'bout we celebrate with some freshly squeezed..."
"Plot device!"
Andre even fucking cries for his companions in this scene. Let's just hope it doesn't get any MORE depressing from here.
Before Ryoji was born.
"You'd think ten years of that would put an end to such nightmares. Guess not."

I should really cut back on all the Persona 3 references. This is a new thread, for god's sake.

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It's continually bizarre looking at these screenshots. I'm far too used to the DS version for these crazy polygonal characters.

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Alright. The King has been stuck in slavery for the past week. How's he been handling it? Not that fucking well.

Did their characters do a complete 180 when I wasn't looking?
Make toilet wine? Y/N
Presumably BECAUSE she was a true believer.
You, sir, are not Bianca, and will never be Bianca.
"Oh no! A common occurrence for us slaves!"
What a cheery face for such a horrible act.
Well, that explains the....just about everything, really.
"I sure am chipper about this whole 'enslavement' thing, huh?"
How many times would you have to go to prison to refer to prison as a holiday?
"Excuse me....I just have to say goodbye to our cell."
And that guy over there is named Gideon, because this game is Christian as fuck.
"For one, you have unique character models."
Geez, game, could you possibly be more morose?
"He then tripped into the water and drowned, because pushing a barrel with your feet while wearing a heavy suit of armor is a monumentally poor idea."
"Can somebody get this damn light out of my eyes? It's making it real hard to sleep."
"And to Sister Agitha for doing her hair and clothes."
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. (Damn the English language and its strange vowel choices for ruining that joke!)
Out of one cult and into another.
How kind of the slave masters not to fuck with my money over those ten arduous years.
"I sneak out of this boring dump when the nuns aren't watching and spend the night getting lit up."

I'm not gonna post seven updates worth of material in this one post. I left that shit behind in the Persona 3 thread. Let that be your punishment for your sins.

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So now that The King is free, his first goal is to.....hell if I know. All we've got to go on is the vague clue that Martha's still alive and not much else.

"And for your brother and all your friends to be left behind?" ".........God works in mysterious ways."
Really REALLY pleased, if you catch my drift.
Not that you can do much about it now.
You've only personally known her for a few days. Move on with your life, Henry.
"About. 16, 18, close enough, right?"
Good to know.
"A lot more stabbings."
If they're perfectly fine with mid-day underage drinking, just IMAGINE what goes on here at night.
This has to be his business plan: depress anybody who walks in and then charge them out the ass for drinks. I'M ONTO YOUR GAME, BARTENDER.
Slavery does strange things to a man.
Not at all.
Because that worked so well when Papas tried it out a couple of updates ago.
Anything about clothes, Mr. Monster?
And they taught you how to read, too! Those were some really kind slavemasters you worked under.
They weren't just carrying it.
Too close for comfort, there, horse.
If you can think of a better analogy for the death of childhood, you must lead a sad life.
So that fairy kingdom thing was a racket. Toward what end, I'm not entirely sure. I'm guessing organ harvesting.
"It's all because that b-" "I've been a slave for ten horrible years, gramps, but I doubt it's as bad as what you're about to say."
It's a lot better in motion, which makes me question why I take such screenshots in the first place.

#21 Posted by pyromagnestir (4411 posts) -

I don't have time to read the captions I just open up all the spoiler blocks and scroll through the images really fast. I don't know what the fuck is going on.

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Rotting corpses, pedophilia, Anita Sarkeesian....where do I begin?

We're so fucked.
The best part? It does a little Thriller dance when you confirm. So, of course, I did.
What follows is a lurid description of sexual acts so heinous that I can't post them to the forums.
I told you they were heinous.
Henry, you asshole.
You don't want to know what the present is.
Guess what the closer's going to be?
It's the face in the back that makes it.
When was this? All I remember is him just hanging out in a mine for five minutes before getting his ass beat by an orphan, a stripper, a tomboy, and a fat merchant.
I can't tell if that's an accent or an actual word.
"It's been ten years, King. Get over it."
Are there even words to describe it? (Besides "soft, grape-scented pillow", obviously.)
And just like that, we've come full circle to a sex joke. As always.
"And how did I know you're flaccid?"
The Mona Lisa, Citizen Kane, Frogs in the Bed.
Because he's the cheapest bastard in the world.
We get it: not everybody likes Tropes vs. Women. Can't we discuss this in a civilized manner?
"Maybe you should re-evaluate your life if corpses are an everyday occurrence."

Well, at least I know where to end:

Loading Video...

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During today's episode of The Internet Flip Book Endurance Run of Some Game I Have Not Played I may have finally noticed something. You named your character The King?

#24 Posted by Video_Game_King (36565 posts) -

You named your character The King?

I'm gonna have A LOT of fun with that.

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You know how our quest has been to find Martha? Well, I accomplished that oddly quickly. Sadly, I forgot to screenshot it, so instead, enjoy traditional Dragon Quest plot points.

This happened, like, nine times before he finally got the hint.
The helmet did nothing to hide its tears.
You know, the ordinary guard dragon every castle has.
The translation team all happened to be from Britain?
".....What the fuck does that mean? Is the mafia blackmailing me or something?"
Where books are normally kept.
Brotherly greetings.
"The King learned all kinds of personal secrets about Henry."
"It gave me a permanent case of dyscalculia. I had to come up with my own calendar system to compensate."
That's just how she greets people.
You're not a very good nun, are you?
For what? It was your brother who saved you; they just kicked slavemaster ass (which likely would have earned you even more whippings).
If you thought they looked bad in Persona...
"Probably has something to do with you ripping it off a dead body."
"Where's your god now, Maria?"
They're doing the Gene Simmons tongue flick thing all throughout.
"Check back Thursdays on the General Discussion board!"
"I have quite a few spacely ideas, but where would we get a telescope at this hour?"
Also, Dale looks like something out of an early Shining Force game.

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Heh. I keep forgetting this thread exists. That's what you get for calling me dutiful.

Yes. I'm still mad about that.

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At this rate, we'll be lucky to see The King get married. (That's also my way of telling you that this isn't gonna happen in today's update.)

"You tell her this and watch her break down into tears."
"You still can't tell which is the real queen."
I spot a palette swap.
"Five minutes on my own, and already I'm engulfed in a war. That's got to be some type of record!"
Wait, were they pulling pranks during their slave days? AND I DIDN'T GET TO SEE THIS!?

I'm not even sure if that's a British thing.
...the hell?
I tried going to the church for some help, but it was too late.
Doesn't graffiti usually go on the OUTSIDE of a building? In addition to the other problems this graffiti has, of course.
Bridge still loading.
And then the title card pops up out of nowhere.
"wE do NOt knOw hOW To usE CapITAl lETtERs."
This game was released long after Lords of the Rings, just so you know.
Well, no wonder I keep missing.
He wasn't kidding.
For a brief second, it looked as though he was wearing the coolest set of shades. Sadly, it doesn't seem to come across well in this screenshot.
When did this become Glory of Heracles?
What? The taste of flesh?
Is Andre coming onto us? I mean, we ARE technically in his bedroom.

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I just wanted to say that I preferred Dragon Quest when it was Dragon Warrior. I know it was just a weird translation thing and that they changed it, but it reminds me of Dragon Warrior Monsters and Dragon Warrior VII. And those memories are comforting.

I should play this game.

#29 Posted by Video_Game_King (36565 posts) -

Hammer time.

A Fire Emblem?
Oh, yea. It's a Fire Emblem, alright.
Have you seen this game? I don't God's leaving anytime soon.
The Latin Mysteries of a Chamber Pot.
This is the first draft of the Ten Commandments.
By Nyx.
I don't swing that way. Andre might.
"Not much, though. I'm still trapped at the bottom of a well."
Do I even need to say anything? The joke makes itself.
"The cops would see your ass, otherwise."
Smoked the hell out of it and watched the sunrise.
Wait, how do you get a meth lab explosion from marijuana?
"Dude....we need more zoomoon."
Who's he talking to?
Come on. Who hasn't walked around the house in their underwear? Even if it wasn't your house?
Don't undercut me, Maya.
Well, that explains what happens in a bit.
"They just sit in this room for hours on end. No talking. Just sitting. For hours on end."

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Somewhere, this update went a little crazy. Just like half my updates, now that I think about it.

Presumably, the women were just sitting around like Maria up there.
Not at all. I don't even see a ring.
...they had to justify what's coming up next in the narrative.
It isn't Deborah.
I wanted to make a condom joke, but then realized the myriad ways it wouldn't make any damn sense.
"Carved on the inside of this treasure chest. Learned that one from our prison days."
When? All I remember is playing hide 'n seek before a kidnapping.
"PS: Want that badge? Eat my ass."
And now you know where I get the music from.
"Wouldn't YOU like to see it?"
This may look like me getting a gander of some cat anus, but there is purpose to this screenshot. That cat's licking itself periodically. Don't you just love the little touches in things like this? Even when they require looking at feline anus?
What a strange name for a dog. Or anything outside the most esoteric Victorian literature.
"The one game with a dog hero, and it had to be a nightmare. *awoon*"
"She just bites the hell out of anybody else. Kind of a surprise she hasn't been put down, really."
It's the angle that makes it.
So I literally collected their anniversary? Am I a Time Lord, or am I gonna have to make another Laika joke?
That's right: no playing this music box. Decoration only.
Victorian as fuck.
Seems biting random strangers runs in the family. (Which I guess means Flora is half dog.)

Next time I do one of these threads, I should take a couple hints from my contemporaries and get all the characters naked within five updates.

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Sneak attack!

Just checking to see if you have the post loaded up and are sitting in front of the computer waiting for someone to bump this so you can post it. Or are you not dedicated enough for that?

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Fantasy movie buffs: you're gonna love today's update. Everybody else: it's gonna be a while before we see any nudity.

Anybody want to Photoshop The Princess Bride into this?
OK, turns out it wasn't sexual. This is just how she socializes.
"...other than 'you're so fucked'. And not in the way you're probably hoping."
"Tell me, how strong is your stomach lining?"
Just outside his actual house. I wish I was kidding.
Prepare for a lifetime of suffering, little kid.
Did I comment on how "Lancer Army" is a singular enemy name? Or how unsettling Rockbomb is with his eyes closed?
I'm pretty sure Japanese has a word for "pterodactyl".
FUCK THESE GUYS. They can wipe out half your HP with a hit-all move. In fact, I think the one on the far right's getting ready to break the turn-based battle system and do just that.
Wait, is that an arch? And a bridge? How was any of that built into goddamn lava?
It wouldn't be a Dragon Quest game without some metal murder.
Lord of the Rings reference in 3, 2...
She has life figured out.
Maybe not.
"So most of the time, I just split the difference with abject rage."
Get it? You get it?
His companions, however, are still quite near death.
Is the game calling me a hobo?....Well played, Dragon Quest V.
"I know how it is. Why do you think I had that fridge full of cups of urine?" "Because once you're drunk enough, you can't tell the difference between piss and beer?" "That, too, my good lad. That, too."
"I'm good at logic like that."

#33 Posted by pyromagnestir (4411 posts) -

There's nudity? Damn it, now I'm going to have to start paying attention to what's happening.

Also I'm impressed. However next time I'll bump this at like 3 am eastern and see just how serious your dedication truly is.

#34 Posted by Video_Game_King (36565 posts) -

There's nudity? Damn it, now I'm going to have to start paying attention to what's happening.

Well, there has to be, considering what happens in the story. *mischievous smile forms*

Also I'm impressed.

It was just good timing. I'd just finished recording some Pulseman footage and decided to return to other affairs, and then saw this thread was bumped.

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Hey, guys, guess who's back? It isn't Deborah.

Brooklyn Rage.
"Nobody's gonna look over here, right?" - The guy in charge of the graphics.
"I'm too old for jail. They'll eat me alive!"
This goes on for several hours.
Still shorter than you, though. Somehow.
I think that's his only line of dialogue in the entire game.
"Yo Remember me? an don't make me pull mah gat!"
About slavery and how her accent was slowly fading.
Of course not. Have you seen the size of that bed?

"Yo muh motha fuckin laugh motha fuckin sucks, don' it? what the fuck sup now?"
"Yo When we's'd wander around haunted mansions an' git trapped in dark coffins. awww, those wuz da days.. otay buh-weet" (I have absolutely no clue what that last part is supposed to mean.)
Holy shit! Bianca's fucking badass! Why haven't I married her before?
"Yo In retrospect, dat wuz uh bad idea slap mah fro!" "....What?"
Maybe it has something to do with jumping out of a boat to open a watergate?
A lot of people don't command others to remember things. Then again, a lot of people aren't Bianca.
I don't think you know what "landscape" means.
Shouldn't I be saying that? http://youtu.be/WZ7NrApups8
You mean Andre? Yea, he's like that.

#38 Posted by pyromagnestir (4411 posts) -

My guess is someone cut off their nipples and they fell into a radioactive waste and grew into those guys, sorta Godzilla style.

Also who is this Deborah chick and why's everybody all hot for her?

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@pyromagnestir said:

Also who is this Deborah chick and why's everybody all hot for her?

Hell if I know. I've always been a Flora kind of guy. I'm honestly more surprised that nobody called me out for the bait and switch from my last thread. Either I'm that predictable or you guys love Deborah that much.

#40 Posted by pyromagnestir (4411 posts) -

@pyromagnestir said:

Also who is this Deborah chick and why's everybody all hot for her?

Hell if I know. I've always been a Flora kind of guy.

I dunno, Bianca seems alright...

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My guess is someone cut off their nipples and they fell into a radioactive waste and grew into those guys, sorta Godzilla style.

Also who is this Deborah chick and why's everybody all hot for her?

Debora (Actually spelled without an "h") is the third potential wife in the DS version of the game. She is also the best option.

#42 Edited by Video_Game_King (36565 posts) -

This is it, guys. The big moment. Who will The King marry? I decide!

Turns out to be a load-bearing ring.
"You watched a grown man burst into tears in public."
I don't want anybody seeing me naked, unless I happen to be wet, too.
God's attending this? You pulled out all the stops, didn't you, Ludman?
"You mean the in-your-face girl everybody's talking about? No idea."
When did my eyes suddenly get so Clannad?
No, people ask that all the time when they meet friends of their friends.
Didn't stop me from doing it twice before.
"I thought you were past bringing dead birds into the house!"
That's the default option, because apparently, I'm a fucking dumbass.
Still having trouble with those night terrors.
"Wrong game, guy." (Wait, why are the beds facing the wall? Do people actually sleep like that?)
"No escaping the story, ol' boy."
"Yo Shortly afta you left, ah decided ta live in da wild, like Andre. ah'm still mo' comfortable peeing outside just like mammy." (What the fuck, Ebonics Translator?)
Not the best angle for this screenshot.
"You have confirmed this after several hours of observation."
You're an interesting angle.
Pronouns. They will be the end of me.
"I'm gonna wing it. What's the worst that could happen?"
I think we all know who I'm choosing.

#43 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

#44 Edited by Petiew (1413 posts) -

I trust you'll make the right choice The King.

@hailinel said:

@pyromagnestir said:

My guess is someone cut off their nipples and they fell into a radioactive waste and grew into those guys, sorta Godzilla style.

Also who is this Deborah chick and why's everybody all hot for her?

Debora (Actually spelled without an "h") is the third potential wife in the DS version of the game. She is also the best option.

This. Debora is pretty much the crazy, extra option they added. Her dialogue is really great.

#45 Posted by Video_Game_King (36565 posts) -

It isn't Debora.

Third time's the charm.
Like I even had a choice.
Didn't we all? Especially since Debora wasn't introduced until the DS version?
"Don't tell my wife, though."
Come to think of it, that IS a very good question.
Is he wearing a wire?
Now why does this seem familiar?
I play a ton of fucking video games, is my point.
Hey! That is NOT how we refer to women, Dragon Quest V!
You mean you've been having trouble resting throughout the game? Could've fooled me.
Response graffiti: "Nobody cares."
Finally, I'll be the prettiest King in all the land.
It suddenly got pretty Dragon Ball in here.
Sorry. No Battle Bride Bianca.
"We're still having a doctor examine it. Isn't that right, Henry?"
With Bianca by my side? Never!
Thanks a lot, asshole.
Why not go the Soul Blazer route and just eliminate the no altogether?
"Man, was THAT awkward as hell."
Huh? Where was he? I don't remember seeing him in the congregation. Was he supposed to come with Debora?

#46 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -
#47 Edited by Video_Game_King (36565 posts) -

Hooray! We're married! Let's get drunk.

This is the best wedding ever.
You missed.
And YOU fucked up the pronunciation. Maybe I was premature with the previous declaration.
Who's saying that, again? All the other lines were from actual characters in the story.
How has his life gotten this low?
Those puppy dog eyes + that aggressive posture = absolutely nothing wrong with this screenshot.
"Yo ah'm supposed ta sound like some kind o' awful stereotype or somethin`! Don' make me come ova there bitch..."
Your lives will be incredibly short because of it.
Joined what? We will never know.
Somebody's planting something on us, aren't they? It's all a set-up. LUDMAN, YOU BASTARD!
"All of your belongings are now covered in frosting because Ludman never bothered wrapping them."
You know, wedding cupcakes. Cupcakes you make for a wedding. And then collect instead of eat.
You fucking know it.
"And buy enough booze."
Somebody get the stomach pump. AGAIN.
Wait, I thought I was a pothead hobo or something. When did I become a hippie?.....You know what I mean.
And when did they become reverse werewolves?
"Specifically, that one following your girlfriend."
A hero, a gangster, and a mountain lion walk into a bar and get paid a lot of money.

#48 Edited by Video_Game_King (36565 posts) -

I don't want to set your expectations too high, but somebody we all know and love is making a very subtle cameo in today's update. That's right! Patrick Klepek is finally appearing in this feature! Isn't that amazing?

Now we know why he was turning water into wine.
*sigh* I thought I left this behind with Persona 3.
Uh, guys, I think you forgot to translate this text.
Andre hates sequence breaking.
"Yo Excuse me, didn't you just git married da other day? what the fuck sup now?"
"Yo beotch, don' act like ah'm not here ya'll is mad stupid."
She says in the most bitter tone imaginable.
"We get it! Eternal darkness and misery. GOD!"
Is it better than Sir The King? YOU decide!
Because it was such a great time in Dragon Quest VI.
Good thing Bianca's dead in this shot. I'm pretty sure this would've been the straw that broke the racist camel's back.
There's not enough wood on that sign to build a boat. Good luck, stranded peoples!
Security's gone downhill for this place, hasn't it?
"And that over there is my partner, Mr. Skoopz."
Wouldn't we all?
What's more confusing: the sudden Cockney accent or anything else about this?
What are those things floating down the river?

#49 Posted by pyromagnestir (4411 posts) -

And on the whatever day this is, the lord (me) said "And let there be dragons!" And then I wondered, "wait a second, are there actually dragons in this game? I don't think I've seen any."

#50 Posted by Video_Game_King (36565 posts) -

Rest assured, there will be dragons. But not today. Today, we meander around for a bit waiting for the plot to get its bearings.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj0F2KfCvhg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj0F2KfCvhg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj0F2KfCvhg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj0F2KfCvhg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj0F2KfCvhg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj0F2KfCvhg
"Like that guy you were just talking to."
Just in case you doubted the nationality of the fan translators.
Is this even remotely close to how vegetables are pickled? I'm out of my league on this one.
The Brooklyn Way.
What a piece.
But how else will I clean this dirty branch?
Apparently, dirty museum items are A-OK with me. Apparently.
Sadly, no choosing the music for yourself.
"Metalshop quartet. Who knew that was even possible?"
Would your last name happen to be Oohashi?
OK, how does that even remotely work?
"So am I the only one who can see this damn ghost?"
For instance, I'm into cupcakes and sand.
I'd open it, but he's right there.
Plus the game won't let me.
I don't remember hiring her, so I can only assume she was interviewed by a ghost.
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