Dragon Quest Wars on the DSi - now we are looking good to go :-)

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For all of you who had little faith in DSiware, comes this:

Dragon Quest Wars Is A DSiWare Strategy Game.

Dragon Quest Wars is a strategy game based off the Dragon Quest franchise. Players pick four monsters and face off against either the CPU or another player locally or over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Up to four players can link up locally or throughout Japan.

Dragon Quest Wars is designed with simple rules so anyone can play the game. Surprisingly, this game is being handled by the strategy wizards at Intelligent Systems. The Nintendo owned studio is also known for developing Fire Emblem, andAdvance Wars.


Dragon Quest Wars is scheduled to come out in the middle of next month for 500 DSiWare Points ($5). Currently, this game is only for Japan. However, Dragon Quest Wars was trademarked here and Nintendo has heavy involvement in the project chances so chances are very good that we’ll be battling healslimes and brownies overseas.

Man, I am officially psyched.  This is what I wanted to hear.  Fire Emblem and Advance Wars makers on a Square-Enix game  of Dragon Quest?  I just died and ended up in gamer's heaven.  When this comes out in English, I have a reasn to get a DSi.

Is anyone else as psyched as me?  This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship  :-)
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Could be cool.

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It has potential, but a $5 DSiWare game (that's basically a card game) doesn't really sound that good to me. Intelligent Systems is an awesome developer, but I'm far from sold on this.

But hey--it's an actual game!
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So, how many hours gameplay would we want for $5.  How much is actually possible on a DSiware file?

I would still want at least ...... 6 hours of real gameplay for that.

Hell, I would love this game as a concept for a fully fledged Fire Emblem & Advance Wars sized game.  Hell, I would like it  as a full game on the Wii.  I love these strategy games.

But yeah, taking my medication ....... we will have to wait and see if this is the real deal.
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It sounds like it has a multi player focus so, play it as long as you aren't bored of it?

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oldschool said:
So, how many hours gameplay would we want for $5. How much is actually possible on a DSiware file?I would ... [more]
That's the thing. Console Arcade games and such are fine because they're basically shorter console games, but that's what Portable games are. Now we're having smaller versions of small games? If you're making a game that would be fit for a normal XBLA or WiiWare game, then you might as well make it a normal DS game.
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Huh? No, portable games are not necessarily short console games... Fire Emblem, Suikoen Tiekreis, and tons of other JRPGs for example...

And this one is clearly not going for the "shorter portable game feel" seeing as it has a multi player focus.

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Al3xand3r said:
Huh? No, portable games are not necessarily short console games... Fire Emblem, Suikoen Tiekreis, and tons of other JRPGs for ... [more]
I agree - Disgaea is the daddy of long games.  The full main game in Advance Wars or Final Fantasy Tactics takes a very long time.  They are usually broken up into bite sized pieces for on the go action.
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Anyone else enthused by the pedigree of the developers on this?  Intelligent Systems does awesome work, as does Square-Enix.

If it turns out to be both good and popular, it could start a trend of good quality tiles coming to DSiware.  Then I would have a very good reason to trade up to a DSi.
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Can some one PLEASE give me a US release date for this? I love dragon quest and this game seems like it would be pretty fun.

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It just came out on the AU store, I think.

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