Dragon Quest X

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When was this announced? Did DQIX even come out here in the states yet?

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It was announced sometime last year, and no I don't believe DQ9 came out in the states yet. Hasn't really been a ton of info for DQX.

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I want to say it was announced about 8 months before Dragon Quest IX came out in Japan, and it is going to be exclusively on the Wii.  DQIX is supposed to come out in the summer in the US, although no date has been set.  I'm betting on July since they have Sin & Punishment 2 at the end of June and Metroid: Other M at the end of August.  Oh, and Nintendo is publishing Dragon Quest IX here.

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DQIX hasn't come out here yet but I think it's coming soon(like a couple months a way soon). All I know for sure was that it was DS release.

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Dragon Quest IX will be the big summer release here on the states.
Dragon Quest X is most likely headed for E3 or TGS.

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This makes me sad. I can't wait for a Dragon Quest game to come out for the PS3... 

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