Dragon Quest X: The Wake of the Five Tribes: Online revealed

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After years of being quiet Dragon Quest X has been given a full name "The Wake of the Five Tribes." It has also been revealed to be a MMORPG for the Wii AND the Wii U.

The quote is that "maybe it will be out in 2012" but that's all we have for a time period of release. It is also be speculated that it could have subscription fees.

"The game will also make use of 3DS functions, such as Tag Pass to change data"




Gameplay footage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU2nZlF5Mjc&feature=player_embedded

Well that was something totally unexpected. As a Dragon Quest fan I'm kinda disappointed that this isn't going to be some grand single player adventure and it seems like many share my feelings about this. I'm wondering what the Giantbomb community thinks of this.

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Im probably the only person who is kind of excited about this. I love how this game is looking from the screenshots and videos posted so far and its likely going to be the first mmo type game on the WiiU. Its in Squares best interests to make a winner out of this title since FFXI is super old and the FFXV is pretty disgusting. Im willing to give it a shot if it hits the shores here, plus it will have the advantage of being the only WiiU mmo at launch.

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@kagato: Oh yeah I will totally get it if it ever comes stateside. I just didn't think it was going to be an MMORPG.

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I'm not going to jump on the hate bandwagon just yet, but I'm pretty worried about several aspects of the game.

Being an MMO is pretty much the last thing I wanted from the series, the market is already completely oversaturated with them, and I'm certainly not going to pay a monthly fee. It seems like an obvious advancement of the multiplayer features from IX, but I would have preferred more of a traditional RPG experience, towns populated with NPC's and actual party companions who have personalities. Replacing all of these just with other human players really hurts the experience, in my opinion.

I also absolutely hated the battle systems in Final Fantasy XII and XIII, so I'm really not happy to see something similar now plaguing Dragon Quest.

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Considering their past track record with MMO's, I can't exactly say with all honesty that I'm enthuastic for it now. But one can always pray the next is better than the last, right?

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Disappointed in the direction the series is taking and the choice of online platform. I'm on the verge of nerd rage, but not quite.

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Disappointed that It's not, Dragon Quest: Online, but since the last MMO I've enjoyed was Final Fantasy XI, I'm willing to give this a try.  
I've always felt that the biggest problem with MMOs, WoW especially, was that they lacked charm/an aesthetic look that was even remotely interesting. If Level 5 polishes this up to look better than VIII, than I'll be sold assuming it's an MMO version of IX which is pretty awesome.  
Excited to try it out, but I'd be more interested in Dragon Quest games that play like VII, but look like VIII. 

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Honestly, I was pretty disgusted when I heard about the announcement, but I probably should've just seen it coming. With all the social features in DQ9 and the insane popularity of Monster Hunter in Japan, this was pretty much the next logical step. I still haven't played DQ9 yet because I knew I wouldn't like it as much as the previous games due to all the changes they made (whenever people talk about how great the game is they always mention features I wouldn't even use). This game looks like it's gonna be even worse than that. And because it's being developed internally at Square Enix we don't even get any kind of quality assurance. Overall, I'm very disappointed. Was really hoping for another storydriven DQ in the vein of DQ8.

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From what I read in the articles it's not really an MMO in the sense that we normally associate MMOs.  It's more like Borderlands or DQ9 in that other online players can join together and form a party of 4 for adventuring.  I don't think you'll walk into a tavern and see 20 other players milling about or you'll be searching a dungeon and come across another 4 party group returning from killing the boss.  The question then is why charge a subscription fee for what is fundamentally online co-op?  
I'm not too worried about all that since the game can be played 100% solo with player-made NPCs just like in DQ9.  That's the way I played that game and never missed leveling with other real players.  I tend to play at my own pace and will set aside a few hours to grind in these games.  I doubt anyone else wants to wait for me to do that, so offline is the way to go for me.
As a big Dragon Quest fan, this is the first reason I've come across to buy a Wii U now.  I look forward to seeing what it looks like on that console.

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@PenguinDust: If you watch some actual gameplay footage you'll probably agree that it does not at all resemble a game you should be playing offline. It even has 5 different continents each with their own corresponding playable race. Y'know, like every other MMO out there. 
I didn't really look into how party matchup is gonna work, but I imagine there's at least gonna be some sort of Guild Wars-esque lobby system.
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After Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix making another MMO is worrisome. I loved Dragon Quest VIII, liked Dragon Quest IX, but would have liked to see the game stick with the more traditional direction with better graphics and a focus on story. Above all, a jump to the PS3.

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@keef: Yeah seriously! What is up with Square-Enix not jumping to current console hardware with Dragon Quest?

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Online on the Wii is a great idea. If they could make a successful console mmo, it could be PSO all over again.

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It would be nice for Dragon Quest to be brought back to a real console. Dragon Quest 8 was such a great game.

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@PenguinDust: These seems to be very common in Japan. Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star Universe and Online 2..

I guess if they're willing to pay for nothing, you might as well charge them. At the very least, they have to know they couldn't get away with that over here.

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Curious to see the major differences between the two versions. I'm thinking there won't be a fee for NA since they didn't do one with Monster Hunter.

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nintendo and online are two things that are not good togerther

Square-enix last mmo is teriible

i have low expectations for this

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