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The Dragon Quest (Warrior) series has a special place in my heart, I have enjoyed all of the titles preceding this one that I've played.  But let me cut to the chase here: this game is a disappointment.  This is really a shame because the more I played this game, the more I realize the care that went into making this title.  However Dragon Warrior VII (DW7) ends up fundamentally a broken and outdated title (even for its 2000 / 2001 release).  The game starts you out as a normal teenager in a sma...

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Dragon Warrior 7 is a game for RPG fans with a ton of patience. 4

Dragon Warrior 7 wasn't a terrible game, it was close, but not completely terrible. It was however extremely outdated by the time it came out, completely tedious, with terrible graphics and repetitive gameplay. Overall the game was just extremely slow at everything. Leveling up was slow, gaining skills was slow, it took 2 hours from the start of the game to get into your first tutorial battle. It wasn't until about 20 hours into the game where you could learn job classes. By the time you got you...

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