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DragonBall Xenoverse was initially announced in the July 2014 issue of V-Jump as "Dragon Ball New Project". Scant information was released about the game, but images seemed to revolve around a mysterious, red-haired man with a scouter, cape, and a Capsule Corp. logo on his shoulder. At E3 2014, the game's actual title, DragonBall Xenoverse was revealed. Gamescom 2014 saw the reveal of the mysterious young man's importance - he was a created character chosen to showcase the game's Create-A-Character mode.


Time Patrol officer Trunks has charged the player with visiting key events in the Dragon Ball universe.

Connection to Other Games

DragonBall Xenoverse borrows extensively from Dragon Ball Online, the Japan and South Korea-only MMORPG. Time Patrol Trunks' design and designation is lifted directly from that game, as is the game's plot of traveling throughout the series' history. A great number of the sample Create-A-Characters shown in officially released screenshots also closely resemble the sample Create-A-Characters used to promote Dragon Ball Online.

At Tokyo Game Show 2014, it was revealed that Towa and Mira, the main antagonists of Dragon Ball Online, would appear in Xenoverse, as well as the Supreme Kai of Time, a character briefly mentioned in DB Online.

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