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Dragonfire is a 1982 Imagic release. The player controls a prince who seeks to recover the king's treasure by stealing it from dragons, all of whom inhabit castles.


Dragonfire consists of two stages:

The Bridge

The player must move the prince from the tower at the right side of the screen, across a bridge, and into the left side tower. While crossing, the player must duck under, or jump over fireballs. It is possible to jump while ducking to avoid difficult patterns of fireballs. Once across the bridge, the second stage begins inside the castle and the dragon's lair.

The Dragon's Lair

A dragon moves back and forth, while firing wide versions of fireballs at the prince. To escape, the player must scramble about collecting the randomly placed dragon's treasure for points. Different treasures are worth different amounts of points, and more difficult castles contain more valuable treasure. Once this is done, an exit door will open, and the prince must escape to tackle another castle and another dragon.

Each castle is progressively more difficult, with more frequent and faster moving fireballs and dragons. Once the player depletes lives, pressing the fire button will continue the game at the most recent level. Additionally, difficulty switches select the starting difficulty at one of seven levels. Two player alternating play is supported.

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