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Dragon's Crown is a 2D beat 'em up with RPG elements developed by Vanillaware for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. The game was originally to be published by Ignition Entertainment in 2012, but Ignition eventually dropped from the project and Atlus stepped in as publisher. The game features six different character classes, supports four-player co-op and sees players exploring dungeons and labyrinths full of monsters, bosses and treasure of numerous kinds.


The Dragon's Crown, a legendary and powerful treasure, lies hidden in one of the land's many monster lairs. Corrupt magicians who desire the treasure have, in order to make the search easier, used spells to connect the many monster-infested catacombs, caves and ruins, with the side effect of combining the monsters' numbers into a massive nightmare army that threatens the entire world.. A group of adventurers bravely enter the labyrinth of beasts to find the crown before the dark magic-wielders, lest the world should fall into their evil hands.


The game features old-school beat 'em up combat in the vein of Golden Axe, a game that has been cited as an inspiration. Players' weapons can be damaged and destroyed, at which point they will have to fight unarmed until new weapons have been acquired.


The game features six character classes. The player can customize their own character through color palette options and by giving him or her a unique name. The game also allows the player to choose between English or Japanese voice work.


Fighters are fast warriors with high defense.

The Fighter is a formidable combat expert. He wears a full suit of plate armor and carries a sturdy shield into battle. The Fighter has the highest defense of all classes, and with his shield he can protect other party memebers as well. while his one-handed weapon is lacking in reach, it makes up for this in speed, cutting through surrounding enemies like a tornado.


Dwarfs are dual-wielding warriors capable of throwing objects and enemies. They are slow and fragile.

The Dwarf is a short, stout warrior. What he lacks in stature, he makes up for in muscle mass. The blood pulsing through his veins may be the only indication that his physique is not, in fact, hewn from stone. The dwarf uses his strength and low center of gravity in order to lift and throw his foes or whatever else he can find nearby.


Wizards are slow characters with high-damage spells.

The Wizard is a magician who has mastered many spells. Any well-formed party of adventurers will contain a wizard, as their spells can easily turn the tide of a battle. He is unlikely to emerge victorious in a battle of brawn, but his offensive magic is second to none.


Amazons are fragile fighters capable of dealing high damage with two-handed weapons. Their attacks are slow, but they are otherwise agile.

The Amazon is a strong female warrior who knows no fear, and uses two-handed weapons to lay waste to her foes. Her massive axe deals damage over a wide area, cutting a swath through the battlefield. Amazon warriors eschew bulky armor in order to stay light on their feet, as they also use their devastating kick attacks to great effect.


Elves are athletic archers with a number of special skills.

The Elf is a formidable archer, utilizing her gifted sight and hearing to loose with superhuman accuracy. Unfortunately, if attacked up close , her naturally slight build means the enemies can make short work of her. So long as she keeps her distance she's as deadly as they come.


The Sorceresses are capable of summoning minions, cursing enemies and creating healing potions.

The Sorceress is a mighty black magic expert. while she is lacking in physical strength, her magic abilities are quite formidable, and she is more than capable of cutting down scores of enemies singlehandedly. She can summon skeletons to fight at her side, turn enemies into frogs, and even create food for the party. A party which does not make use of the sorceress' support abilities is rarely a successful party.

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