Potential EU release date

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Hi guys,

I had been hoping DC would get a EU release for a while, and naturally was excited when I saw it'll be released over here somewhere towards the end of the year, but sadly, that still wasn't very precise.

However, when i was googling around to see what stores here would sell it, I came across a page on bol.com (like a Dutch Amazon) which lists the release as october 11th, for €44,99.


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Cool I'll be picking that up. Mind you I think i saw the north american version on amazon for £41 and pretty sure the game isn't region locked.

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@largo6661: Vita games are region free as far as I know, but DLC is locked.

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Do DC support cross-play or whatever it is called (transferring saves)? Anyone know if that works across games from different regions? I don't feel like waiting till godamn October... But If I import I'll might as well import both versions then.

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