Get this or Dragon's Dogma first?

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Thanks almost entirely to Patrick, I recently got into Monster Hunter and am really wanting to move into Dragon's Dogma next. Should I wait for this to come out, or get the first game, play for a while, then get this down the road and import my character? Unlimited Ferrystones sounds pretty good...

edit: looks like Dragon's Dogma is only $19.99. Sounding pretty good right now...

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Oddly enough, this version of the game is cheaper in Amazon UK than the regular one, so I'm going to get Dark Arisen. Even if it wasn't the case, I guess you should probably wait and get DA. Why would you buy the same game twice, if one is clearly the best version?

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Dark Arisen is literally the same game, but with new things as well. If money's not an issue wait for it.

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Yeah, just go with the original. However, I think you should know, this game ain't Monster Hunter. If you're going into this thinking it is (or hoping it is), I'm not sure you're gonna like it as much. It's more like an...Oblivion with simplified DMC combat and SotC style grope fights. Not saying that's bad (kinda awesome, actually), just two fairly different games.

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Dark Arisen is only a few weeks away, and since it's essentially an improved version of Dragon's Dogma with added content, why would you want to get an inferior version of the game right now?

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Dark Arisen contains the full Dragon's Dogma game, as well as the Dark Arisen expansion content. Kinda like What Super Street Fighter 4 was to Street Figher 4. Capcom - y'a know.

It's an awesome value. I'll likely pick it up too, sometime in June.

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Wait a minute, I thought this was a stand-alone expansion. I feel duped. With a difference of $20, I think it would be smarter just getting this...update? I don't like the idea of unlimited ferrystones, though. Is that one of the revisions?

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definitely get Dark Arisen. It has the whole original Dragon's Dogma game in it.

What Dark Arisen adds is a new explorable area/missions + gameplay tweaks (major changes to rift crystals) basically from what I can tell.

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Check the wiki though guys. If you carry a character from the original game into Dark Arisen, THEN you get unlimited Ferrystones. That's basically the entire source of my conundrum.

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Is this coming to PC?

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@kato: oh well, I don't think that's worth it personally.

Ferrystones aren't true fast travel they are basically one way town portals. It isn't until post game-ish that you get the portecrystals half of the equation.

ferrystones fwiw aren't too hard to get in game (unless they change that) once you get 10 hours in or so. I never really had very many at any one time, but didn't feel like I was constantly running out either.

is that worth basically paying an extra twenty dollars for (20 for the old game, 40 for Da expansion)? For me it isn't. But I guess that's up to you.

@brenderous: there's been no mention of any PC port plans from Capcom last I checked,

but I suspect it's unlikely due to the game's reliance on the Japanese market and piracy concerns.

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@slag: Dang. Looks like I'll have to dust off the ol' consoles.

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@kato: just saw a GDC write up that their will be more portecrystals around the map in DA, which if true would make those ferrystones more useful.

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@nonused: Unlimited Ferrystones, a ton of Rift Crystals, and the Gransys Armour Pack are all bonuses in Dark Arisen for players carrying a save over from Dragon's Dogma. It's Capcom's way of saying "thank you" for buying both games.

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@nonused: Unlimited Ferrystones, a ton of Rift Crystals, and the Gransys Armour Pack are all bonuses in Dark Arisen for players carrying a save over from Dragon's Dogma. It's Capcom's way of saying "thank you" for buying both games.

or renting the first one hehehehe

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Going to be getting this next month to scratch my pseudo MH itch. It's been awhile since I've played a game of this sort, can't wait!

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