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Someone please help me!!! I'm playing the game and I'm stuck. I'm doing the worm hunt missions and I've completed them but when I went to talk to see Maximilian I accidentally hit him and I went to prison and when I got out he was gone and now i don't know how to get him back to complete the missions!!!! Someone please help!!!!

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Okay so is he completely gone from his position and when you track the quest what does it lead to ?

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He is completely gone and when I go to my map and look at the area part it shows that I need to go to gran Soren but at the neighborhood part of the map it shows nothing to go to. And the quest log says that he is the one I need to talk to , so I'm stumped. I've been stuck on this for a week

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Why don't you just reload the game? Oh riiight, that's because you can't reload in this stupid game. Ugh.

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I had a different glitch with a side quest person disappearing and i rested at the inn a couple of times and he re-appeared.

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I have slept at the inn about thirty times and he hasn't come back.. I'm about to quit playing the game which sucks because my character just started getting good!!!!!

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There's only one solution for this, more exclamation points!

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Hahaha thanks for the help

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Most NPC's respawn after 14 days. Just rest a shit ton and they should return.

oh, you did this already. weird.

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No it eventually worked thanks guys

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Stop hitting quest givers!!! :P

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