I can't get over how amazing this game is...

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I'm in NA and I'm so unbelievably jealous. Dragon's Dogma looks so good and I want it.

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@superfriend said:

@drekly said:


Not in the slightest, I haven't noticed a single bit of slowdown and loads are quick!

Huh, wow! Maybe I should download the PS+ version then. The game still needs to be finished!

I have the PS+ version and the framerate is consistently terrible... It might be better than the disc version, but it's still consistently under 30 FPS.

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This game is an awesome start..the series still has a lot of evolution ahead of it, but the combat and the fluidity of the motion, how mobile and tactile everything feel is something almost every other action rpg can learn from. I really hope there's a sequel soon!

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The pawns completely ruin that game. Primarily due to the way they engage targets. In particular how magic, naturally, has casting time. A pawn will only begin casting when it acquires a target. If it loses that target, for any reason, it will immediately stop casting, find a new target, and begin the painstaking process of casting again. Which is compounded by the fact that they always cast the max level of a spell. Rather than firing off a level 1 of a level 3 spell and dodging, they'd rather stop, hop around like mad, then begin casting anew. Especially exciting if you're reliant on those casters because you're in a room with mobs immune to physical attacks.

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@veektarius: Uh.... like I said he is in uh.... the place I mention in the spoiler. Literally. Go there, you can talk to him. There is even a small event as a result if you do.

Like I said, the game really has all this story stuff there, it just doesn't spoon feed it and it makes you go out and look for it. Just like the Souls games, only unlike the Souls games it makes you talk to people instead of reading item descriptions or guessing. The big trouble many have is most of the story is hidden behind secret missions that are also timed... so you if you don't do mission X mission YWZ may never show up. Let's just say it is a really really bad idea to not rescue Quina BEFORE you escort Mercedes to Gransys and leave it at that.

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About 40 hours in now, and I'm just about getting a little bored of quests, I have a huge bunch of "ask citizens about xyz" quests in addition to dumb ones that send me half way across the world which even with the limited fast travel is a bore.

Also finding that 'advanced' classes aren't that good, or at least they aren't as well rounded as basic vocations. For example, the fighter is far better than the warrior as their shield abilities are more useful for a pawn, and they go down far less.

Still enjoying it, but falling apart a little bit.

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@drekly: don't worry it gets better again.

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What an absolute ball ache that dragon boss is. Took so fucking long to kill him.

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@karkarov: your appreciation for DD is not wasted! I put nearly 700 hours into DD/DDDA. Not a typo: SEVEN HUNDRED HOURS. I finished it some 10 or 12 times, that's like NG++++++++++. BBI is amazing, the main story finale is mind-blowing, and Grigori is easily the best new character that year, with his writing, voice acting performance(stellar) and sheer presence. It has the best combat in an actiony rpg ever, great character creation, an incredibly novel and worthwhile pawn sharing system, the right amount of freedom, and exactly the right amount of difficulty.

I Love DD, might be my favorite all-time. I even spend a few minutes every day scouring the internet for a shred of evidence of a sequel.

I need help, I know.

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Some tips i can think of would be

  • Accept all the quest you can because you will be doing a bit of backtracking so might as well try to knock out two birds with one stone
  • Mages are very useful so its always good to have one or two
  • You can request other people's pawn to join your party so make sure you check their stats, spell/skills and switch them out when they are not useful or lower level ( as they don't earn exp)
  • If you have a save file of the first one you get quite of few ferry stones that let you fast travel to towns. Otherwise they are kind of hard to come by.
  • Staying on the road path or dirt roads will often mean a easier time. When you go off the beaten path harder enemies will greet you.
  • It also much harder at night with tougher enemies and it being naturally dark.( it gets really dark)
  • With that being said always make sure you have oil and a lantern for those dark runs
  • Research about the golden idol quests as it has some great outcomes if you do it right (comes later in the game)
  • Don't just stick to one class so you can use the hybrid classes to make yourself more well rounded
  • Food will go bad unless you store it in a food container (thingy or whatever they are called)
  • Store your unused loot in storage or on your pawn as you can easily be over encumbered Fallout style

That's all i got for now but i think that's what i found useful starting out.

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I'm no almost done with the game. Having difficulties with the very first end-game boss flying eye thingy with tentatcles and shield that makes it invincible

The wisdoms I've picked up along the way are:

  • spellcasters rock
  • hybrid classes are awesome (magic knight is REALLY strong)
  • fighting big monsters at night is really a bad idea
  • store EVERY excess item you don't need in the storage
  • don't just upgrade your equipement but also do the same for that of your pawn
  • large mushrooms are easy to find and one of the best items to restore stamina
  • not all dragons are weak to ice
  • ALWAYS find the weakspot or weakness, makes the fights shorter and gives the monster lesser chance of just flying away
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@maestro17: Oh it will get a sequel. Just a matter of time. I can't wait for it myself, I would love to see a ps4 Dragon's Dogma.

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@omniscientcajun said:

Man, reading this thread makes me feel all left out. I played probably about 10 hours of Dark Arisen, maybe 15, and put it down. I thought the pawn system was compelling and the combat was initially engaging. But I found the story - and more importantly, the world as a whole - utterly uninteresting.

Even the combat, as refreshing as it was initially, got fairly tiresome with respawning enemies along narrow paths between land marks with no early game fast travel and side quests that ask you to hoof back and forth between the first 4 early game locales. When enemies along the main questline (Ogre in Everfall) have health bars that I couldn't perceive any change to on each hit, I felt like I was playing the game wrong and that those enemies were not meant to be fought. It got to the point where I considered bringing in that seemingly-available pawn in the rift that kept showing up who was like 100 levels higher than I was.

I played both the 10+ hours of this and my first run of Dark Souls this year and they couldn't have been two more different experiences. Dark Arisen felt like a slog that I was just trying to get through to play the next game on my list. I felt compelled to play Dark Souls, to see more of its world, to conquer more of its enemies, to die and defeat and retrieve and rest and overcome. I realize they are different games, but they are often compared (and have been here).

There are a few games that come to mind over the past few years that many others have really loved, but the game world (and knowing I needed to invest myself in the characters, their journeys, and that universe) left me wanting. Deus Ex: Human Revolution stands out as one of those games. Oblivion too (despite loving Skyrim).

I'm blown away at the double standards in this thread when it comes to DD:DA and DS. DA became "tiresome with respawning enemies along narrow paths between landmarks". So you're saying that the SAME enemies DON'T respawn in DS every time, in the same EXACT spot? You mean to tell me that DS doesn't have MORE narrow paths than DA? Where MOST of the combat is thrust at you? Tomb of the giants, Sen's fortress, Catatacombs, hell most of the game takes place on narrow paths.

Then you speak on no early fast travel, funny I don't remember getting fast travel until Anor Londo which is impossible to get to right from the beginning which puts it in the exact same boat. Both games tell the same type of story about good conquering evil and both go about telling that story in the exact same way by use of npc's that you have to talk to to find out what the hell is going on, instead of in your face here it is, but somehow one has NO story and the other is well done.

I don't know what it is but there are way to many hypocrites when it comes to these two games. They both are very well done and have more in common than not. I don't know if it's the PvP boneheads that think that's all DS is about or the SP players who think by trying to keep DS in a class by themselves that it elevates their gaming status but it needs to stop.

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This game caught me off guard as well. I've known about it but I usually don't like fantasy/rpg games. But I was very surprised when I started playing this game. Within no time, I put around 35 hours into it and finished it up. I didn't get close to finishing every quest and was about level 43 when I was done with it. The only thing I really disliked was the "fast travel" system they had in place. I really enjoyed the Pawn aspect and I hope more games "copy" this idea cause it was super cool.

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