Okay, give it to me straight...

#1 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (861 posts) -

I'm sitting here. Looking at the PSN store. Looking at this game.

Is there ANY hope for a PC release? Or do I just pull the trigger and buy this damn thing?

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Can't say I've heard any rumors about a PC release. And I don't think it sold particularly well enough, despite being respected by its audience, to warrant a PC version. But I could be wrong on what that would entail exactly.

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This game is alright, i dont think it does any one thing particularly well but it's not bad. I'd get it on sale if possible

#5 Posted by awesomeusername (4153 posts) -

If you were a PS+ member, you would've got the game "free" in November!

Just buy it.

#6 Posted by Wolfgame (679 posts) -

But that's sorta my point, the psn version is probably back up to full price, may be cheaper to buy on disc

#7 Posted by ViciousBearMauling (861 posts) -

@wolfgame: 5 dollar discount on disc. I'll eat that to get it digitally

#8 Posted by TobbRobb (4554 posts) -

Dragon's Dogma is cool and will probably never come out on PC.


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I LOVED dragon's dogma. How much is it now? I paid about 40 when dark arisen came out.

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yeah just get it, game is amazing.

#11 Posted by SteadyingMeat (1104 posts) -

There's no chance of this coming to PC, so you made the right choice. The game's pretty good. Doesn't really get great until the last couple hours, though.

#12 Edited by Canteu (2821 posts) -

Well it's the best game that came out last year, and will never come out on PC.

The answer is Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen GOTY.

#13 Posted by Rorie (2539 posts) -

I seriously doubt it'll ever come out on PC if it hasn't already.

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You never know. I was sure Lords of Shadow wasn't going to come out on PC.

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#16 Posted by pweidman (2284 posts) -

Get it and know the Dark Arisen version of DD is the best. The vanilla portion is improved in many ways; fast travel is made so much easier for one. And the expansion content is flat out awesome. Once you get in deep, check out the game faqs forum community. The 360 community there is the bestest. <3.

DD:DR is probably my GoTY from last year too.

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Love the game. Though it can be a bit rough at the beginning. Put probably over 200 hours into it overall. The first couple of hours were easily the weakest. Bitterblack Island is amazing - it has an almost Diabloesque *just one more run* quality to it, and is similarily bleak and full of sweet desperation of the Dark Souls kind.

If I weren't a nut for GTA V and Battlefield 4, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen would have been my GotY too. As far as unique and fresh experiences go, it was.

#18 Posted by mason20 (135 posts) -

Hey I'm glad I wasn't the only one holding out for a hopeful PC release and finally just ended up buying the game for the consoles lol. Hopefully you have just as much enjoyment with this game as I have since the weekend.

#19 Posted by Driadon (2995 posts) -

Bah! Had you looked at this 2-3 months ago, you would have this free from Plus. It's a really really cool game, completely worth it if you payed some bucks.

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