Pawn recruitment thread

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Mine GT is TheTrellster17 I have a level 180 fighter pawn with 2800 STR and 1300 DEF. Her name is Anastasia (my future child's name) I think she's awesome. Enlist now!!

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I setup my pawn as follows: My main pawn is set up for HOW I PLAY --- it is that bloody simple. She get my best gear that she can wear, she plays how I need her to play, and she slots into my needs for what I look for in 'others' pawns. My pawn is a healer...she has one job...heal the party and take a few swipes at monsters whenever possible. My other hired pawns do the heavy battle magic or heavy warrior stuff...and I get those from people who have the OPPOSITE inclination for what they want from their pawn.

I have had NO complaints about my pawn because it is obvious what she does, her battle skills and attribute slots filled, and she has appropriate armor & arms.

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I have a mage/healer Pawn if anyone wants to add me, slowly playing, probably go up 5 levels a day?

GT: JumboCac

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So on New Game+ finally. Going to run through all the quests again then eventually I might take part in some UR Dragon runs online. Dabbled with the Idea on making my character a Sorcerer but I really wanted to see her Assassin build all the way to 200. She has some pretty crazy STR especially at night. Now that I got this Hellfire armor Momiji is doing alright too. Although I do need to get everything gold rarified. Shes actually the 6000th or so most rented pawn right now. Getting a lot of rentals from random people. Swimming in over a million Rift Crystals ATM.

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Something unheard of happened today - my pawn was rented out by two people. They were complete strangers too I think, not from this thread! It's almost completely unprecedented as I'm still on my first playthrough of the game at around level 42 and it seems like the only people still playing are the ones who are in the +100's.

One dood seemed satisfied and the other said it's not to his tastes? I dunno my pawn is currently a Fighter with maxed stats and pretty decent gear. She's alright at fighting but she's really just there to draw aggro away from the other two mages.

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@humanity: Im not sure what you mean by maxed stats if your only at level 42. Do you mean she's just been a pure fighter?

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@demoskinos: I meant maxed vocation. I have her maxed out in Warrior and Fighter in terms of vocation levels, I was thinking of starting to train her as a support mage recently.

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@humanity: Ah,okay. Was going to say I'd drag her around a bit while I go through the main game again (on NG+)and toss you some gear or something but seems your 360. :/

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@humanity: Are you 360 or PS3? I am close to that level as I started over and would pick up your pawn if you are on PS3. I had a similar deal happen though that kinda bothered me. Someone rented my pawn out who was higher level than him and was likely taking him through areas with harder mobs. Well he gave like 2 stars in the combat field with a note that said "Oft required aid"...I wanted to write them back and be like "Duh! Take a low level under geared pawn who is only like 18ish and doesnt even have a complete list of augments into an area with difficult mobs, what did you expect?" Some people are just stupid. So let me just say THANK YOU to the people who take a little pride in rating and reviewing pawns.

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@switchb1ade: Thsts insanely stupid seeing as you can rent pawns the same level as your own level for free.

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@switchb1ade: I don't even understand why someone would rate a pawn down. I have given all the pawns I ever enlisted 5 stars. They were always at least competent and honestly what do I gain from voting someones pawn down? Oh no, watch out everyone, this pawn is AWFUL! The dood that gave me 4 stars took my pawn out to fight drakes so I'm happy about that as I haven't fought any drakes yet myself. I met one at a much earlier level and literally ran for my life.

I really wish you could make your pawn a hybrid class. I'd love to have a Mystic Warrior as a pawn, alas.

Unfortunately I am on 360. Seems like a majority of active players who are around my level are on the PS3 which is unfortunate.

Also - sometimes it asks me to rate a pawn and sometimes I dismiss them and they just walk away without the whole rating process. Why is that? I am always getting them from the Rift so I assume they're not like fake AI made pawns.

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@demoskinos:He is a random invite from DD community on Facebook. I dont know, maybe he felt obligated to rent my pawn after inviting me to friends? I dont know but I was a little annoyed by the fact that I got dinged for some stuff that wasnt even relevent because my pawn was in his stages of being built up. Oh well.

@humanity: I agree, doesnt make sense. However I do appreciate honesty. If my pawn sucks, let me know how I can improve him, but for legit reasons. Some people are just trolls I guess. Well crap. I am having the same problems finding cool and active players on PS3. I found a few from this site but the rest dont speak english or are from other countries which isnt much fun either :P

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I have a level 200 warrior pawn, Rhaegar (scather/mitigator) decked out in gold df'd BBI gear and ready to help out.

psn is bmadger

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If anyone wants to take along my fighter, feel free. Level 44, using him as tank mostly. Don't think anyone has used him yet. Probably cause he's a guy. And a fighter. My gamertag is JFunkhouser.

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My pawn is currently a level 56 Warrior if anyone wants to take her along. She has 657 strength and 426 defense.

Gamertag is Prostormzz (I made it when I was 14)

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My GT is kerse4143 on the 360, I have a level 120 fighter pawn, I could really use more rift crystals so it would be awesome if you guys could take him along, he's got 1000+ physical defense over 4000 health and like 2400 strength atm. I wouldn't mind some better ratings as well, I know its not anyones fault but he keeps getting 3 stars, probably from people fighting death or falling off ledges. Really wish they wouldn't just default to 3 stars in those cases.

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If anyone wants to take along my fighter, feel free. Level 44, using him as tank mostly. Don't think anyone has used him yet. Probably cause he's a guy. And a fighter. My gamertag is JFunkhouser.

I'll look him up since I'm right at that level. We'll go try and kill a drake

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unfortunately, the pawn server system is such that DD and DA players cannot rate or gift pawns from the other version. i think it's a terrible shame, some of the best pawns i have played with i have been unable to show my thanks :C


i want to thank whoever played with my pawn long enough for him to earn 38k rift crystals, and gave him such beautiful armor and weapons! i'm very grateful, he looks amazing and i'm quite pleased. they managed to keep him in armor that looks similar to his former look-- but with incredible stats. i hope to do the same for someone myself once i am levelled enough :)

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@buggrit_1979: Thank you, I read about this just recently. I finally understand what the double transfer like arrow icon means as opposed to the armor with a red X over it.

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Anyone still playing this? I'm like 200 hours in at this point and still going.

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@demoskinos: I'm around 45 hours (In total) in on my second playthrough. Trying to do all the quests including notice board quests. I also took a stab at the Ur dragon, pretty intense.

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@ezakael: Now is the time to battle the Dragon he is super weak for the next few days. I've got 3 kills on him. Got piles of loot from him. As well as sold the 60+ wake stones I got from him and now I'm rocking like almost 7 million gold in my pocket.

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@demoskinos: Yeah I seen the announcement. I didn't even put a dent into his HP the first time I tried. Realized too late that I need to grapple onto him and attack his hearts. I'm probably going to try again in a few minutes.

I was initially pretty bored with my second playthrough like I said before but after about 7 hours in I'm starting to enjoy it more. I guess it was the tutorial stuff that got me. Went and did some of the Dark Arisen content as well. Got to the cockatrice so far.

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@ezakael: Well don't worry if it doesn't seem like you are doing damage. As long as you are hitting his weak spots and purple blood is coming out you're doing damage. The way the online UR Dragon works is it aggregates the damage everyone does then continually syncs his health bars accordingly. So the bars might not update for you while you are fighting him.

Also after his health is depleted there is about a 30 minute window called a "grace period" where all of his weak points can basically be destroyed in a few hits allowing you to score a kill. If you're looking to get a kill you need to just take note of his health and actively pop back in every 15 minutes or so.

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@demoskinos: Thanks for the info. I'll have to make sure I try and get a few kills in. I could use the loot.

I have to ask though, after 200 hours have you not completed everything in the game? Seems like a really long time to be playing. It has a lot of content but 200 hours worth?

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@ezakael: Yeah I've pretty much completed every quest in the game on my first run most of them twice now since I'm on New Game+ I played around a lot in the post-game and on BBI a lot. Doing runs in the everfall to get loot and upgrading weapons and what not. I just enjoy playing a whole lot even if I'm going through the same content. Not really a hurry to get through with it either since there isn't much coming out this summer.

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I would be grateful if someone could drag around my pawn for a bit, I need rift crystals for the character editor item. Currently at 5.000 rc, I need 10.000. My gamertag is JFunkhouser, my pawns name is Adonis. He's a fighter right now.

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@jfunkhouser: Im assuming since you said "gamertag" your on Xbox? If you were PS3 Id gladly drag them around for a bit.

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@demoskinos: Aw, shit, sorry about that. Yeah, 360. I just received 56.000 rc from an anonymous benefactor. So whom it may concern: Thanks a bunch!

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Just started playing on X360, my Pawn's name is Octavia. I have no idea how I put it out there so people can use it...but yea. Shes lvl 7 right now.

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Has that bug been fixed? I've been playing off line since I don't want to lose my save.

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Any of you guys have a ranger/strider pawn around 146 on the xbox? The pawns in the search thing all have like less than 1000 str, which seems impossible. Also my pawn is now a level 157 fighter with over 3k str and like 1400 defense, full hellfire armor, almost everything is gold dragonforged. Although I'm thinking of putting the immortal's helm back on him since I think the hellfire helm looks lame.

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Any of the veterans on here have any tips for getting the 3rd star in the bestiary? I am working on maxing my knowledge of all monsters and he’s still got some with only 2 stars even though I have fought the beasts a hundred times or more. What am I not doing for him to learn the last tactic?

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Any of the veterans on here have any tips for getting the 3rd star in the bestiary? I am working on maxing my knowledge of all monsters and he’s still got some with only 2 stars even though I have fought the beasts a hundred times or more. What am I not doing for him to learn the last tactic?

Really? No replys? =/

#186 Posted by Questionable (669 posts) -

@switchb1ade: The 3dd star is often learned from watching other pawns that already have the knowledge,
Someone used a book to learn that tactic sometime and that knowledge spreads is shared by renting/being rented

Try renting a pawn of the same vocation that already has the 3d star and it should pick up after a few fights

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Has that bug been fixed? I've been playing off line since I don't want to lose my save.

Yes, it is save now.

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ok I'm really broke with rift crystals now. anyone willing to hire my pawn to help farm more rift crystals would be appreciated. PSN ID: fafaSMURF

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just started playing this i got lil femal fighter pawn lv16 atm

psn - LosDub

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Hey guys (and random's reading this forum), it help a lot if you'd use my pawn :3 , ( of cause I'll use you'rs in return. ) I play for a few hours a day probably 6-8 so I would be getting you a fair bit of RC in return :3
Anyway my pawn is a Lv. 156 Strider, Challenger, Nexus, Female, with almost all Vocations maxed ( message me if you want me to change her Vocation at anytime cause I dont mind )
Almost full Shadow gear ( going for Oblivion gear heh. ) good stats/skill setup, and setup in general as well :)

My GT is: d2k x3DR3AM ,so hit me up with a add ( and a message if you want :D )

On a side note, about my Pawn, I'll most likely have her at 200+ within 5 days so she'll have better stats and if she gets hired ill get more RC to get better gear for her ( purifying cursed gear ) and then Gold Dragonforge her gear for even better stats and what not.. so yeah :3

Cheers all who read this :3

GT: d2k x3DR3AM
Arisen: Heaven - Lv. 156, Strider - Max Vocations - BOSS :3
Pawn: Syakumi - Lv. 156, Strider - Challenger, Nexus - SEXY THANG :3

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My pawn is available for use, though she's probably a bit lower level than you guys.

~90, Sorcerer, mix of BBI Lv2 and 3 gear. She looks pretty cool and is fairly good at murdering things I think. I had her as a healer for a long time but got a little bored with that. I like watching her cast Level 3 Bolide while I plink at fools with magic arrows.

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If any of you need a warrior pawn that carry a lot of little things (she has the skill to: p) You can recruit my pawn on ps3. My PSN: AndrewSt_Qc and my pawn is called Mirhanna, it is about level 35 ~ 40. thank you in advance

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Just picked up Dark Arisen, building a bandit style pawn. Her names Lola and my psn is Techno_Savvy she's currently 42 but will probably be a bit higher soon. She likes to pick up loot you can't see.

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psn id : JinxzTG pawn lvl : 200 strider gold oblivion set and gold lvl.3 dagger/bow 3 stars for daimon 2 stars with dragons/wyrms full str build 4.7k health 1.3/800 def/mdef 3k/2.4 attack. hit me up and im willing to give free lvl.3 weaps/armor for good RC

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psn drunk_kneegro im new to the game

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Just downloaded this, super excited to start playing! PSN is theBobcatte

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GT: Steelle88.

My pawn is ~lvl 60, currently set up as a fighter. The vocation is maxed but her stats are better suited to Mage which is also maxed. If you need me to switch her, feel free to add me and send a message. I would really appreciate someone renting her out.

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plzz hire my pawn i need rift crystals so i can purify all my bbi armor lvl3 Her name is Eucliwood my psn id is Keys989. Thnx in advance

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plzz hire my pawn i need rift crystals so i can purify all my bbi armor lvl3 Her name is Eucliwood my psn id is Keys989. Thnx in advance

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