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At this time of posting my pawn is at the level 100 threshold as a pure fighter for a maximized health pool and has nearly maxed all vocations for access to all the augments, if there is anyone that wants to request a specific fighter build just post what you want in here (skills / augments / inclinations) and send me a message when you see me online so i 'l know when to save at a inn with the requested inclinations.

PSN: Atamosk

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Personally i am looking for a Mage that is just plain good at surviving which becomes seemingly rarer to find the higher i seem to level. For a mage i really do not care for damage output or looks, i just need sustainanse so a decent defence rating is a big plus

Is anyone willing to offer me a mage with the following build? Minimum level i am looking for is level 80 (3d section of bitterlack atm) I expect to use the pawn for quite a while.

Skill :

  • High Grapnel (Bind a single target)
  • High Blearing (Inflict blind)
  • Thunder Affinity (Weapon enchant)
  • High Anodyne (Heal)
  • High Halidom (Cures status ailments)
  • High Spellscreen (Defence Buff)


  • Warrior R1 Bastion
  • Mage R4: eatitude
  • Mage R7 Perpetuation
  • Mage R9: Inflection
  • Sorceror R7 Gravitas
  • Sorceror R9 Articulacy


  • Main Inclination: Utilitarian
  • Secondary Inclination: Pioneer

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