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Released only in Japan, Dragon's Dogma Quest is a Turn-Based Strategy game. DD:Q's plot is a re-imaging of the events of Dragon's Dogma in a parallel version of Gransys called Latania featuring many of the same NPCs from the original game.

The player assumes the role of the Arisen again once more directing a party of pawns (expanded to 4 from Dragon's Dogma single companion) with the ability to recruit additional pawns created by other players in a quest to reclaim the Arisen's heart from the Dragon. The Arisen can choose from 300 different vocations to customize their pawns as the party dungeon crawls through their adventure.

In the summer of 2014 Capcom announced they were discontinuing support for Dragon's Dogma Quest. In app purchases for iOS platforms ceased on August 26th and end of service on occurred October 14th 2014 . Playstation Vita in app purchases ceased October 14th 2014 and is expected to be playable until January 30 2015.

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