Buy Dragon's Dogma, receive Resident Evil 6.......Demo

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Source is from Capcom-Unity 
Open-world action fantasy game Dragon's Dogma is a big game in every sense. That's why today, we're happy to bring you several appropriately big announcements regarding the title.

First, we've got a release date! Expect this game to be available for purchase on May 22nd in North America, and May 25th in Europe.

But wait, there's more! Those who purchase Dragon's Dogma at retail will receive a redeemable download token for the Resident Evil 6 demo, which they will be able to try out on July 3rd for Xbox 360, or September 4th (NA/JPN)/September 5th (EU) for PS3. That's a considerable leg up for 360 owners, but still an early chance to check out RE6 (due out November 20th) for PS3 owners.

While i was planning to check out this game anyway, this might be another good reason.  
Anyone planned to check this out in may?
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