cant get game + ??? help pls.

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okay so killed the final guy with godsbane? he pulled this out of his stomache? not sure? but i dont have it on my guy and cant kill my self for the game plus? went back in throne room but dont have godsbane on me?

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It's not under weapons, so make sure you check other items.

If it's straight up not in your inventory, I don't know what to tell you.

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Didn't happen to me as I made sure to have mine one me until I figured out its' purpose, but my understanding is the game (Hit spoilers to see answer)

will give you another Godsbane after beating the Seneschal if you forgot to bring yours. As @Canteu said it's not a weapon. Check under Tools or Other Items or Special. It should be in one of those three. Select "Hold", then follow the prompt to stab yourself.
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To start a New Game +, you will need to complete the quest Fathom Deep .

1. Get all 20 wakestones

2. Talk to the NPC that wants said wakestones

3. Jump in giant gaping portal at the bottom of the Everfall

4. Go through cutscenes

5. Attack the Seneschal

6. Cutscene

7. Once again attack him

8. Another cutscene

9. Go down the path with multiple people and slaughter them (or you can just run past all of them)

10. Fight Savan and his pawn

11. Savan will then give you godsbane blade to use against him.

12. Ask him questions (optional) then stab him.

12.5 Sit on the throne and "live as the Seneschal"

13. After you sit on the throne, you'll be an invisible Seneschal in your home village. Simply leave the village via front gate to return to the throne room.

14. Now take out Godsbane in the throne room and stab yourself

15. Go to load game and follow the instructions

WARNING: Be sure to choose "Load Game" DO NOT!!!! choose "New Game". All your work and progress will be deleted starting a brand new game.

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