Capcom's Probably Making More Dragon's Dogma

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#51 Posted by dead_eye_sam (39 posts) -

@Yummylee said:

I just hope they introduce mounts (let me tame my own Chimera!)


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#52 Posted by mrangryface (833 posts) -

: The game doesnt let you /con anything until its too late- there aren't enough indicators on maps as to what areas I should avoid until I die. Its annoying game design- call it challenge but there are more challenging games that aren't so tight with the details.

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#53 Posted by Karkarov (3386 posts) -

"That said, despite some critical acclaim from writers like yours truly,..."

Seriously dude? You didn't pan the game that's true Patrick but you gave it a 3/5. A 3/5. That doesn't qualify as critical acclaim by any stretch of the imagination. Either way this is good news and backs up what I have been saying almost sense two weeks into release on the Capcom Unity Forums. That being the game has been successful and while no GTA it has sold enough to merit a sequel.

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#54 Posted by jlev880 (212 posts) -

No more dragons dogma instead make a new mega man game, *cough* mega man legends 3 *cough*.

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#55 Posted by probablytuna (4674 posts) -

Still intend to pick this up at some point, when it's like $20.

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#56 Edited by vinsanityv22 (1066 posts) -

Ugh. Capcom's threatening us with sequels EVEN WHEN WE DON'T CARE FOR THE GAME now? C'mon!

I just hate how they had the balls to call this an open world RPG. This is clearly a "western-friendly" Monster Hunter - a replacement for Lost Planet 2, which failed at it. It's just a vast, bland, empty world filled with things to fight -- sounds more like Dynasty Warriors than anything, or Earth Defense Force. But don't bring this to the West, call it an RPG, and expect it to succeed against the likes of Reckoning and Skyrim, Capcom. Don't you dare.

If DD2 is going to happen, I certainly hope it actually succeeds as an RPG then. They focus on characters, story and creating an interesting (both visually and interesting, period. Lots of stuff to do) world.

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#57 Posted by Slag (6856 posts) -


Bring on more!

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#58 Posted by Andtheworld (39 posts) -


Who the fuck is "we"? I'm not in the group of people who didn't like the game - hell, it's one of my GOTY contenders simply due to how great the combat was. I wanted to continue playing the game to see what monsters and challenges the game would throw at me. I'm sure glad that the game sold really well and that Capcom is going for the sequel.

Also, Reckoning was a single player MMO while Skyrim was a terrible RPG with the world's blandest combat system.

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#59 Edited by Tennmuerti (9019 posts) -

If there is any game that would hugely benefit from a sequel is Dragon's Dogma. The first game is super rough and with a bit of work it could be made actually great and not just a lackluster open world (i use the term loosely) rpg with a decent combat system and pseudo online gimmick. There is a lot of unrealized potential here.

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#60 Posted by SortedeVaras (112 posts) -

Bets on how many sequels they churn out til Capcom drives this series into the ground.

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#61 Posted by Marz (5927 posts) -

it's a good game, more people should play it.

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#62 Posted by Andtheworld (39 posts) -


Don't think it would be many.

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#63 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

great! It's a pretty good game. There are some new and interesting things they've tried out. I'd like to see more.

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#64 Posted by stryker1121 (2019 posts) -

Currently playing the game. I like it but it the world is not terribly interesting and I'm already getting a little tired of re-spawning bandits. That said, the atmosphere is cool, the pawn system unique and really I've just scratched the surface of the game. Tally ho and all that!!

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#65 Posted by dyong (334 posts) -

This game felt more Game of Thrones than the actual GoT game did. Maybe it was all the 'sers'.

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#66 Posted by divakchopra (87 posts) -

capcom, please stick to fighting games

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#67 Posted by Wampa1 (831 posts) -

@Arrested_Developer: Oh god please make him stop.

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#68 Posted by Morrow (1870 posts) -

Fast travel, please, please, include fast travel in future games ._.

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#69 Posted by impartialgecko (1831 posts) -

Seems this game got a tonne of great word of mouth. It may not have set the world on fire but like Asura's Wrath I think a lot of people came around to it after people started appreciating the game for what it was.

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#70 Edited by Gordo789 (364 posts) -

@divakchopra said:

capcom, please stick to fighting games

you're joking, right? Capcom has basically driven every fighting franchise they have into the ground with constant re-releases and minor updates. They need to stop. They need to keep making new original games like Dragon's Dogma.

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#71 Edited by Hellstrom (206 posts) -

Dragon's Dogma was terrible to be honest. I loved its pawn system and that the NPC's seemed to be compotent in battle. Other than that Dogma lacked an identity. Its plot was redundant, its characters all uninteresting and dull, and it got tiring traveling back and forth through the same bland areas fighting the same bland goblins because there was no fast traveling system. Dogma got a lot wrong, and they need to work on it.

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#72 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (5509 posts) -

I hope the do find a way to improve on what they made and create another modern franchise. There is something extremely enjoyable about DD and ist mix of eastern and western rpgs influences. I wish I had more time to devote to it for more play throughs.

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#73 Posted by project343 (2895 posts) -

@Phatmac said:

I should probably play this game, right?

Short answer: yes.

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#74 Posted by d0rks (83 posts) -

Meanwhile, various places on the internet report "Easy Mode" coming to the current carnation of Dragon's Dogma. Also a new Demo for PS3 is suggested to appear "next week".

I wouldn't think that Dragon's Dogma needs to be more 'easy' - I'd rather welcome more challenge - but it might as well help people otherwise struggling with certain frustrating scenarios to appreciate the game.


ref: siliconera , andriasang

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#75 Edited by ProfessorEss (7918 posts) -

In these days of "Five Million or Bust" it's nice to hear a publisher consider one million units somewhat successful.

I'm still curious to check it out but with my ridiculous backlog it can be hard to jump on board when a game gets such a lukewarm reception (including Patrick's review, and I'm talking text-wise, not star-wise).

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#76 Posted by ProfessorK (864 posts) -

I'm on board. I loved the game and with a bit more polish a sequel will be awesome. Epand the crafting. Clean up the item menu and make a quick use funtion for herbs and such. And expand the command system for the paws so you can have them do specific moves and boom the rest is cake.

I honestly didnt mind the lack of fast travel but some kind of mount or Red Dead type caravan system would be nice.

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#77 Posted by Moonshadow101 (738 posts) -

Good. It definitely seems like the sort of game that could crystallize into something really amazing with a bit more iteration.

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#78 Posted by Yawnster (19 posts) -

@vinsanityv22: It's funny that you saw "we" when you seem to be one of the few people(At least on this site) that doesn't welcome a sequel to this game.

Dragon's Dogma was an awesome game. A flawed game, but it had the best combat out of any open world/sandbox RPG that I can think of. Reckoning was a button masher that was only slightly more complex than Fable, and Skyrim's combat was a joke. If there's a place for Skyrim, which pretty much lives on atmosphere and pure variety in the shit you can do, Dragon's Dogma has a place for its combat.

It's a game that has a ton of potential. And hearing that when DD was released, that only about 60% of what they wanted was put in, then there's absolutely room for a sequel. If they can make the story that actually exists, and make a more compelling world, on top of making the combat deeper? Then I don't possibly see how you could see a sequel to this game as a "bad" thing, especially if you praise a game like Reckoning.

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#79 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

Man, I should check this game out..

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#80 Posted by BobaF3tt (32 posts) -

I would gladly purchase the sequel if they made one. I played the hell out of the first one and loved it.

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#81 Posted by MrSlapHappy (225 posts) -

I'm holding out for a PC version. Maybe it will end up like the Souls games and the sequel will end up on other platforms.

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#82 Edited by dead_eye_sam (39 posts) -

@mrangryface said:

: The game doesnt let you /con anything until its too late- there aren't enough indicators on maps as to what areas I should avoid until I die. Its annoying game design- call it challenge but there are more challenging games that aren't so tight with the details.

But that's part of surviving. Keying into this is when the pawns say "it is not defeat when feeling form an overpowering opponent, its survival," or something like that. When you are playing the game you should always evaluate how good your team is fairing against a group of mobs you are fighting against at the time. If you see your pawns dying too often or you are using way too many curatives and your healer can't keep up with the healing then chances are you need to level up and this area right now is not for you. I think the lack of indicators of where you should and shouldn't go is a great way to keep the game intense. I love how I end up in a place where I find myself getting my ass kicked and know that I won't survive it then pull through the odds somehow and surviving by the skin of my teeth and praying not to encounter anything as I rush to rest area and the relief you get when you do. Then you go like... fudge, I'm not going there for some time x_x; It truly adds intensity. If I do, on the other hand, then I won't go there again. I'm level 75 right now and LOVE this game and its still challenging post game to... I feel like telling you atleast by level that this area is above your level, then it'll just make the game much easier than it already is. You are NOT stupid. I am sure you'll figure out halfway through the battle that your going to get your ass handed to you or not lol.

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#83 Posted by MyFriendsCallMeJim (12 posts) -

With all the games on my wish list lately, I still haven't had a chance to play this. It looks fantastic, though.

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