Ever fall farming: awesome glitch chamber of fate

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Ok so I'm going about my faming the ever fall in a normal manner, I have only one companion and I'm in the chamber of fate 1st room where there are two chest at the main door. After I've demolished the ridiculous trio of gore chimera and his plenty friends as well as slightly weaker cousin. I walk over and save right before opening the two chest. So after I save i open both and find that neither holds anything to my fancy, therefore leaving both chest full. I then Whip out my gods bane and perform a little open heart surgery and retry. The next time I find an item in chest #2 that i want and take it but not in #1, so I leave it full and save again so I can have chest #1 respawn. But when I save this time I'm standing on top of the opened #2 (not sure if this is a must, but thought I'd share) as well as facing the arena. But, now when I commit suicide and retry both of the chest have respwned instead of just chest #1, therefore allowing me to loot both again, this happens three times in a row. The thing is that by saving while standing ontop of the chest that was looted, I respwned directly where the chest was supposed to be and for about 5 seconds it wouldn't show up until I walked back into the arena and then turned around facing the door and chests. I believe it reset both chest bc of this. Btw this is my fist guide to anything, period. So plz go easy with the comments and I hope it works for you as well. Thank u,

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i'll give it a try tonight, nice one if true

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Also, i forgot to mention every time u take something from that chest, stand on top of the open chest and facing away from the door save again.

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