"Free" on PSN Plus this month!

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At least in Europe, I assume it's also available in the US. So I'm getting this and Metal Gear Rising (also "free" on PSN plus), so my weekend is booked!

I've never played ze Dogma before, is it worth the time? It's an RPG so I'm guessing I need to invest some serious time to play it all.

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I spent an hour or so with it. Seems fun so far.

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It's a fun game. I had bought it a couple weeks ago and sadly plat it the day before they announced it was on PS+ =/. With Dark Arisen you get to move around so much easier. They give you about 5 or 6 Portcrystals compared to the 1 in the original game. So you can plop em down and buy the super cheap Ferrystones to zip around to do some quests easier.

But! The game really isn't that long if you don't want to hunt down every single pre-planned quest or the numerous notice board quests (which give shit xp/gold rewards most of the time).

Pawn AI is a little annoying. Seeing as how you can roll with three (four if you're one) Wizards and they can theoretically lay waste to even the Dragons in under a minute at a decent level but sometimes they just don't want to cast the right spells, especially the Affinity spells. Sometimes I wanted to scream at my TV for the Rift Pawns to give me Fire Affinity so I could do damage but they would take forever =(.

Fun game to mess around with though. Looks nice and I'm really interested if the Producer is actually going to follow up with a DD2 on PS4/X1. Might help the framerate issue just a tad.

@fetchfox Also you grabbed the free Jetstream Sam and Bladewolf DLC, yes?

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@yadilie: No, guess I should. Thanks for the tip!

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