Free-to-Play Dragon's Dogma Game Coming to Vita

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Report on this link:

It would be in 2D and a full-on RPG. This is kinda bumming me out a bit because I just started the game recently, I'm about 3 hours in and I'm enjoying my time in Gransys. Still, keeping my hopes up though.

As it turns out it would be a spin-off! Hurray!

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April F- oh...

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whaaa ... ?

Edit: Just read it. That's a misleading thread title :/

tsk tsk

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That is not Dragons dogma 2. That is a Spin off and its called Dragon's Dogma Quest

- The executive director is Hideaki Itsuno, and the director is Masanori Komine.

- The game takes place in the Kingdom of Latavia, seems like its not in the same region as the console game.

- The pawns in the game are more like collectibles this time round. There are over 150 different jobs they can have, and some of the jobs are rare. The strategy in the game involves building a party and effectively using the right job for the right enemies. They also have their own illustrations. Sounds like cards imo.

- The Arisen in this game doesn't have a job and doesn't participate in combat, but you give instructions to the pawns who fight for you instead. The Arisen still has a level, and that determines the party's HP and so on.

- The interview in the mag also confirms that the game uses item microtransactions as the f2p model. If you don't want to spent too much time playing the game, you can buy stuff to make progress for faster instead. Sounds typical.

- The game is 50% complete.

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@darji: Was just about to post this, but you beat me to it. Nicely done!

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Eh, I just read the headlines and assumed it was Dragon's Dogma 2. Sorry for the error.

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I was excited for a moment, but now I'm completely disappointed...

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Guess I got to buy a new memorystick for my JAP-account...

Damn Sony for removing the ability to have multiple accounts on the Vita...

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I'm sure they will make a an actual sequel to Dragons Dogma rather than a spin off like this appears to be, and I'm actually happy that Capcom thinks this is a franchise worth investing in and making sequels for. This will lead to bigger and better Dragon's Dogma games in the future.

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@darji said:

That is not Dragons dogma 2. That is a Spin off and its called Dragon's Dogma Quest

Yeah I was about to post that. This is the second thread today that was posted with mis-information. Not by the same guy or anything but yeah threads like this should be closed.

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What a dick move. I'm glad I knew the truth before I walked in here.

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Dang it , don't scare me like that!

Jeez, thread be retitled.

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Any more Dragons Dogma is good. So hell yeah. Also the Vita needs good games bad so I'm stoked.

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This title is lie. This is not "Dragon's Dogma 2."

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yeah it's a spin off, makes me believe Deep Down is just Dragons Dogma 2 which is a ps4 exclusive

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@redcream: theres a feature you can use, its called full edit, you can edit your thread title.

id recommend that you do so as it is a misleading title.

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Lies and slander. I will not stand for this!

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you should really change the title.

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