Gran Soren Times Photo Contest

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I was so close yet so far, one of my Pawn's photos was selected for Second Place Prize! Only one from each region so My pawn won the North American region. This is cool and all but I was hoping to get special pawn status to help me get into the top 100 ranking. As of now my rank is 1,890. Here's the photo that won me Second Prize:

Did anyone else here enter the contest? I hope they continue to do these contests.

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Congrats, I did not enter, Just picked up the game last Friday.

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Cool, how do you like it thus far? For PS3 or Xbox? If it's for Xbox my Gamertag is: aaronBLUEeyes. Send me a friend request so you can use my pawn and not have to pay like a million Rift Crystals to rent my pawn. And I'll use yours occasionally. Maybe I can give you some cool gear too

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Sounds good! I'm on the 360, and I'm loving it can't get enough. It's almost like I convinced myself to love Skyrim and then I play DD and I'm rethinking how RPGs and gameplay should be executed. Sure its not perfect but the graphics and style take me back to olden times with modern open world and controls.

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