Gryphic Victory Sword

#1 Posted by aaronBLUEeyes (76 posts) -

Hey everyone, I just realized I missed the quest to obtain Gryphic Victory quite a ways back in the game and would like to know if anyone playing on Xbox would be willing to gift me this blade of awesomeness. I have a 3 Star Malignance sword I would give in return.

Thanks much :0)

#2 Posted by Karkarov (3387 posts) -

Nope but I may have a spare angels fist. I will check tomorrow after work and let you know.

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Cool, what's the Angel's Fist?

BTW: My gamertag is aaronBLUEeyes

I just looked that up on Wiki, wow that thing is EPIC looking! I just beat the Metal Golem and now have a piece of Electrum which would help me enhance it to 2 Stars

#4 Posted by aaronBLUEeyes (76 posts) -

: Just touching base to see if you are still going to hook-me up with the Angel's Fist? I am also trying to improve my affinity with Mathias to purchase Royal Surcoat. If i give him a Silver Idol Forgery will that help? It's weird cause when I first went tot he Greatwall Encampment he had it in stock and now he doesn't.

#5 Posted by Karkarov (3387 posts) -

@aaronBLUEeyes: Ah crap sorry dude, been really busy with work and a couple side projects and let it slip my mind. I doubt a forgery will help with the affinity but I find all the weapon merchants seem to love foreign knives.

I will hook you up with it sometime .... within the next hour.

#6 Posted by aaronBLUEeyes (76 posts) -

Thanks much for hooking me up, I have been using your pawn since I could not equip 3 Star Malignance on your pawn.

Also, I was able to gift Mathias some potions, a fish and the Silver Idol Forgery and bam! Max Affinity it didn't take long, but his inventory has not yet changed going to give it a few days in game then go back to him.

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