I'm stuck in a bad situation, any help?

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EDIT: Thanks guys, yeah if a pawn dies with your items they go into storage, at least now if someone has a similar problem they might find help in this.Thanks again

I'm doing the "The altar of the water god" quest where you have to investigate those runes and find 5 altar tablets and give it to that friar/monk guy by the entrance.Thing is I found all 5 of them, the problem is I couldn't carry them all so I gave them to one of my hired pawns, but before we could leave we encountered some skeleton warriors and they hit her so hard she flew into the fucking water and dissapered.And she had 3 of the tablets while I have the remaining 2.

So I went back and hired her but she doesn't have it! I tried re-entering the cave to see if the quest might restart but nope, it still tells me I have all 5(which technically I do) and tells me to go to the guy to finish it but I don't have the tablets with me! I don't know what else to do, any help guys?

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i don't know a lot about the in game storage mechanics since I'm only 3 or 4 hours in but have you also checked the Innkeeper's storage? Stuff *might* go there? If you figure it out, can you post your solution because I could see the same thing happening to me.

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Try going to him to complete it anyways, maybe it will let you.

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@oulzac:Already tried, he just keeps asking for it.

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@jesterroyal:Good suggestion I'll give it a shot tonight.This quest has been driving me crazy.

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@Agent47: Yeah, try checking your storage and see if it's there.

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I can say definitively that if a hired Pawn dies or is dismissed with items from your world in their inventory, those items will go to your item storage.

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@JonSmith: If you dismiss them them, the items go to the pawns owner. I have done that a few times. Loaded up a character and then dismissed them. As a thanks for them being so helpful. Since the gift thing only allows you to give them one thing.

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@oulzac: Seriously? I've dismissed them with items and when I checked my item storage, those items were there. But I shall defer to you.

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Yeah, I was one of the suckers who bought the terrible guide. And it has a section in it that says if you dismiss a pawn, what ever you leave in the inventory is sent back to the pawns owner.

I've also gotten min back with a bunch of stuff loaded up also.

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You could also check the black market guy, I remember something about him supposedly having important items you may have lost.

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@JonSmith said:

@oulzac: Seriously? I've dismissed them with items and when I checked my item storage, those items were there. But I shall defer to you.

The official Brady games guide is incorrect, as was I think. I assumed it was correct as I have gotten my pawn back with more than one item before. But I just dismissed a pawn, and everything I left in their inventory showed up in my Inn stash (never payed that close attention before so I assumed it was not being added back). I wonder if it duplicates them a copy or something. Or if your pawn gets bonus items based on time used and rating or something like that.

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