Mage and sorcerer pawns not keeping their distance.

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Hey everyone,

So I finally got Dragon's Dogma a few days ago and I'm having tons of fun with it. I got the original version cause it was so much cheaper on Amazon. Kind of wishing I got Dark Arisen as it apparently makes fast travel better, amongst other things. However, that is off the point.

So the game's great and I don't really have any issues with it other than pawns occasionally being stupider than I thought they would be, particularly mages/sorcerers. My main pawn is a mage and I'm a Mystic Knight. So yeah, my problem is the mages just don't really seem to keep their distance properly when in battle, especially with larger monsters. Did anyone else come across this? I've told her [my pawn] to be cautious rather than aggressive, but she still seems to run around in the middle of a group of enemies as if she were a fighter or warrior. Does anyone know of any solutions or is it just the AI being a little silly? It doesn't always happen but it can be very frustrating when fighting big monsters. Came across my first dragon today and we're definitely not tough enough for it. Had to resort to running away for now after getting my ass handed to me earlier.

Getting close to a wall of text here so I'll stop. Thanks for your attention, also are any of you still playing this or any other new comers such as myself? Keep it real,


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