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So, I rented DD from Gamefly twice since it has come out and love the menu music. It really gets me pumped in a way only Japanese Rock can do. Either way, I decided I would go ahead and buy Dark Arisen (even though I'm nowhere close to the end) and I noticed the menu music is different. Am I the only one disappointed in this? I either wish there was an option to change it back or it would only change if you beat the base game.

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@cbarnes86: I forget what topic it was in but yeah there was already a bunch of discussion about that on here. I think its safe to say by most veteran DD players its sorely missed. The new tracks aren't bad which BTW the menu music is actually the same menu music from the vanilla game's demo that came out on PSN/360. I'd totally throw them $2 to be able to change the music back.

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I'd totally throw them $2 to be able to change the music back.

Don't say that! They can hear you.

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So what's the preference for the original theme? Japanese or English vocals?

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